Everything you need to know before installing kitchen ceiling fans

Kitchen ceiling fans are essential to great design, but it’s challenging to install. There are height restrictions and spatial limitations to consider. Read this blog to learn more.
Everything You Need to Know Before Installing Kitchen Ceiling Fans

Kitchen ceiling fans provide an overhead breeze that cools the area and keeps you comfortable. It is a necessity. However, incorporating a ceiling fan in your kitchen design ideas is a bit challenging. You should consider the size, height, and spatial restrictions plus other factors, like your lamps before you make a decision. To help you out, we share our best design tips that you can use when shopping for the right ceiling fan.

Why buy a kitchen ceiling fan in the first place?

Ceiling fans serve many benefits in your kitchen.

For one, kitchen ceiling fans aid in ventilation. These circulate the air inside the house, eliminate cooking odours, and blow away flying insects.

Because ceiling fans circulate the air, these also assist in cooling and heating, which keep the energy costs down.

How does a simple ceiling fan reduce power bills?

A ceiling fan saves you money on your energy bill since it uses less electricity than your heater and air conditioner.Ceiling fans don't cool the air, but these create a wind-chill effect that keeps us comfortable. It happens as the fan blades turn and push air downwards, creating a downdraft that cools the room. On a hot summer day, run your ceiling fan with your air conditioner to reduce your electricity costs by up to 40%.

In addition, some ceiling fan models feature a reverse function to create an updraft. The fan combines cold and heated air and pushes the air downwards, making the room warm. It keeps your winter heating bills lower by 10%.

Choosing the right size, style, and placing it on the right size to suit your kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen ceiling fans come in various types and sizes. It is highly recommended to select a fan that's proportional to the area's size. 

Here's a quick guide to finding the ideal size of the fan:Now that you have an idea of the right fan size for your kitchen design ideas, you are more confident to shop for a ceiling fan. But before you do, take note of these factors:


Choose a spot where the blades won't touch the light fittings and the overhead cupboards when opened and closed.


When you go to a showroom or an online store for ceiling fans, you will see that there are different varieties and styles of fans. Some have built-in light fittings. Some are ornate, while the others look minimal. You should use the one that suits your needs, fits the room, and blends into your overall kitchen design.

Controls and functions

When buying ceiling fans, you also pay for the features that make it easy to use. It is nice to have a ceiling fan with seasonal settings (for creating downdraft and updraft). It's better if it can be remote controlled.

Here’s a retractable ceiling fan from Beacon Lighting. It doubles as a pendant light. The blades tuck in when not in use.


The ceiling fan is either run by an AC or DC motor. AC motors are the most common, while DC motors are quiet and consume less electricity. 

Try to look for fans with Energy-Star rating. Look into the fan's airflow rating as well. The higher the airflow rating, the stronger the fan is.Now that you know all the factors to consider when selecting kitchen ceiling fans, buying one and installing it in your home is easier. We hope that this blog has helped you. 

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