8 exciting bookcase design ideas that you might want for your home

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Do you consider a book a slice of heaven? Do you enjoy holding one in your hands, flicking through the pages, and catching up with the stories? If you’re a bookworm or bibliophile, you will appreciate these bookcase design ideas we’ve gathered in this article!

If you’re a bookworm or bibliophile, you will appreciate these bookcase design ideas we’ve gathered in this article!

Bookcase vs bookshelf

If you have a lot of books but don’t have a place for them yet, you may want to consider a bookcase or a bookshelf. To save you the confusion, let’s differentiate them.

bookcase design ideas for legal books
bookshelf with plants

A bookcase is a freestanding and enclosed unit, while the latter is usually a hung or wall-built unit. A bookshelf doesn’t have frames and typically weighs less than bookcases.

Although most bookcases are heavy pieces of furniture, they can save a lot of space in a room. You won’t just be able to keep your books but also your files and folders that are scattered around. It can also serve as a display section for your frames, trophies, and small vase decors.

More than being storage spaces, they give character to a house and an interior design statement. 

Why should I renovate my existing bookcase?

Since everything has a lifecycle, your needs and lifestyle will definitely change and grow. 

Your bookcase may not have enough handy storage for all your belongings. You could also be temporarily working from home, and you’re recreating your home office. Whatever the reason is, your desire to upgrade can benefit you in the long run.

Most built-in furniture can add to your home’s resale value if you decide to sell your home in the future. A built-in bookcase is a scene-stealer as you can show off your favourite items while allowing you to style to your heart’s content.

If you’re looking for passionately crafted, sustainable pieces for your dream bookcase design ideas, be inspired by Handkrafted’s unique works of art.

Bookcase design ideas you might like

Comb through these exciting bookcase design ideas we’ve curated for you.


Your wall can’t just be a plain space covered with paint. Opt for something creatively tailored for your personality. That way, your bookcase won’t only be something that stores all your paperbacks but reflects a touch of your character too.

Look at this wooden wall-built bookcase with the shape of a human head. Although freestanding, it’s enclosed.

Meanwhile, this other design also shows a wooden bookcase with different-sized shelves. The design allows you to accommodate your collectibles in various sizes.

2.Around your office

If you’re a big organisation fan, your home office deserves a built-in bookcase.

A bookcase extending to the ceiling can serve as a partition of your room, like this home office below.

You can also have one surrounding your computer desk to access all of your necessities and return them back to their place quickly.

Meanwhile, this hardwood bookcase in walnut by Temple & Webster exudes a sophisticated and stunning look. It goes well with the dark timber executive desk with marbled black panels.

3.In-between anything

Contrary to what others may believe, you can put a bookcase anywhere, even in a hallway or corridor. You can convert a plain wall into a built-in bookcase extending to the ceiling.

This luxury wall-built bookcase has an amazingly sleek black book-matched marble fireplace surround. It blends well with the home office's parquetry flooring and glass elements.

4.Recessed wall bookcase

More than books, this stylish floor-to-ceiling modern white bookcase can accommodate and decorate items, including framed artworks.

Meanwhile, this bookcase design placed in a recessed wall is more extensive and elaborate, allowing you to have additional room for innovation and decor.

5.Beside the stairs

In this example, you may notice the unusual location of your bookcase — besides the stairs. This design maximises the vacant and corner space, as well as the natural light from the window. 

6.Library room wall

Save your library room wall with your favourite neutrals. In this case, a light cream wall. Notice that aside from the waist-high bookcase, there is a separate wooden fixture. This is to create perspective and movement in the design.

Meanwhile, this pale blue-coloured wall provides a warm and cosy reading area. It’s crucial in this design to pick seating that can either complement or highlight your feature wall and bookcase.

A mustard armchair paired with a side coffee table is used in this example.

A custom-made seating area for your library isn’t a splurge but a well-deserved addition to your interior. You can never go wrong with engaging the services of Handkrafted for the said purpose. You can use sustainable art pieces while offering functionality on the side.

See this Scandinavian Llyod sofa from our partner inspirer.

7.Bay area

What’s more captivating than a window seat with a built-in bookcase? This design allows you to reach your paperback while basking in the morning heat.

Hire a draftsman to help you recreate your bay window area.

8.Unexpected corners

When you think you can’t get any more creative? Here’s an unexpected space for your bookcase, which also doubles as a backdrop for your dining area.

Unused spaces, which often include corner areas, can be functional and stylish simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best materials for bookcase design ideas?

You can use wood, MDF, particleboard, glass, and metal for your bookcase. Ensure that it’s a design suitable for the existing structure of your house or home office.

Also, consider the items you’ll be decorating your bookcase with. Your chosen material should be sturdy enough to handle the weight of your display.

Is it cheaper to build a bookcase than buy one?

In every aspect of your renovation, you’ll be in a constant internal dispute about buying or hiring someone to build. Frankly, it’s a case-to-case basis.

If you want something custom-built, you can always ask for a quote from a local draftsman in your area.

Meanwhile, you can browse through the portfolio of Temple & Webster, our partner inspirer for ready-made furniture.

Or, if you want something in between, you request a cost estimate from our partner inspirer, Handkrafted, for specific bookcase design ideas you want to explore.

How can you accessorise your bookcase?

Never hesitate to experiment with your bookcase. Here are our tips:

  • Add interest by investing in seating, plants, and coffee tables.
  • Baskets can be used to stack small items together.
  • You can also choose decorative objects that have texture and colour.
  • Choose a paint colour that will go well with the design's components. To produce a shadow effect, you can use a different paint on the inside of the bookshelf.
  • Determine whether to stack your books alternately in vertical or horizontal positions.
  • Arrange and layer your books by the colours of the spine, genres, and sizes.

Superdraft for your bookcase design ideas

If you’re reluctant to style and renovate your bookcase, know that you can achieve your renovation goals with some help. You can book a design consultation with our Project Coordinators at Superdraft, and we’ll connect you with a perfectly skilled designer and draftsman who can help you with your construction from design to finish.

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