Full guide to building without council approval

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building without council approval

Did you know that renovating and building without council approval and building permit is a possibility? There are minor renovations and low-impact home improvement projects that you can do that do not require any planning and building approval. These are called exempt developments. 

If you are curious about the things and projects that you can do without council approval, call your local council to ask. Your local council will provide documentation that specifies the projects that need and doesn’t need approval and the rules you need to follow. Alternatively, continue reading this article and we’ll provide you with answers and save you time.

Exempt development

A new home or renovation project is ‘exempted’ from applying any form of planning and building approval when it meets all of the relevant development standards identified in the State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) Exempt and Complying Development Code of 2008. The SEPPs is the government’s environmental planning instruments dealing with the matters of State or Regional environmental planning significance. 

If your new home or renovation project doesn’t meet the rules and standards, you need to apply for Development Approval (DA) or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). For more information, read this guide on planning approval processes.

Requirements and exclusions

Always remember that exempt development projects should have minimal environmental impact and should comply with the Building Codes of Australia. 

In addition, exempt development projects cannot be carried out when the structure you plan to renovate is on a critical habitat, a wilderness area, or a site under local heritage protection. To protect the character of local heritage and environmentally-sensitive areas, the majority of developments and exterior renovation projects must pass the local council requirements.

Building without council approval and building permit

Many homeowners want to take advantage of the legislation that allows minor building works to be carried out without planning and building approval. 

Here at Superdraft, our customers often ask us whether their renovation project falls under Exempt Development. If you are not sure whether your project satisfies the standards set within the codes of SEPP, contact us. We’ll be happy to connect you with town planners who can provide you the information you need. 

If your proposed development and renovation does not meet the requirements of exempt development, Superdraft can help you connect with planning consultants who can help you manage the council approval process and timeline. Plus, when you complete your project documentations using the Superdraft project coordination platform, one of our Project Support team members will help you get ready for local council submissions.

For added value, read these council approval tips to help you fast track the approval process.

Obtaining council approval is a daunting and tedious process. It is crucial to submit the correct and complete set of documents of your project. Get started with a free quote for the design, drafting and council approval for your project. 

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