Experience Tranquillity In This ‘70s Inspired Beach House

Who knew that your home design is key to a peaceful and stress-free day? Check out this simple but warm ‘70s inspired beach house!
Experience Tranquillity In This ‘70s Inspired Beach House

We want our days to start and end great. However, we live in an erratic and stressful time. It’s hard to relax, especially when you have a demanding job and a family to take care of. You have an option, though. One thing you can do is to turn your home into a comfy haven. Take a cue from this ’70s inspired beach house. The designers applied the basic zen principles in this home design, so the homeowners can find tranquillity when they come home.

Earthy architecture and interior design

This home was built with the longevity of use in mind. The architects designed it to be energy-efficient. It welcomes the warm sunshine from the north and east. It also allows the cooling breezes that beat the heat. This feature gives this home prestige.To complete the look, the designer introduced earthy decor. They used a harmonious set of soft toned natural colours, which induce a sense of relaxation. Everything inside this house makes it look peaceful.

Softness under your feet

Comfort is the number one priority. Here, the designer laid wool carpet on the family room for a soft underfoot. Carpets like this are super comfortable. It induces a cocooning sensation, but require higher maintenance. When choosing a carpet, go for light coloured like moleskin (greyish olive), grey, and khaki.

Use soft and light fabrics

The same rule applies to the fabrics you use. Cover your bed, couch, and chairs with soft fabrics made from natural materials. Here, the beds use cotton and linen sheets. When you lay here, you will instantly feel relaxed. Not to mention, the white walls and the view of the treetops help you unwind.

Keep the furniture pieces simple

To achieve total peacefulness, we recommend using simple furniture pieces. Opt for pieces that are easy to use and must be made of natural materials.

Avoid the ones that are too ornate and too detailed. Those furniture pieces will look awkward in this type of space because it looks busy and everything around it is chill.

Relaxing outdoor space

Lawns are a bit unruly and hard to maintain. In this outdoor space, you don’t need to pull weeds out or do some landscaping. The balcony lets you enjoy the breathtaking view of the treetops. You can watch the sunrise here and gaze at the constellations at night. It’s the perfect place to have that well-deserved ‘me’ time.

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