Experts reveal the cost of raising a queenslander and building underneath

In this blog, we’ll tell you how it cost to lift my house and build a living space under it?
Renovating a House in a Heritage Overlay Experts Reveal the Cost of Raising a Queenslander and Building Underneath

One of the most common projects we receive in Superdraft concerns raising a Queenslander and enclosing the space to build another storey underneath. Australians who own Queenslanders do this to create more living space at ground level. It also raises the value of their property, which makes this design solution more attractive.

However, you must know that this isn’t a viable option for all Queenslanders. It is best for weatherboard style, timber-framed homes on brick stumps — not those brick veneer/full brick homes built on concrete slabs. This type of project could get more expensive than a traditional extension as well.

In this blog, we hope to answer your burning questions about the costs of an ‘up and under’ project. May it shed light on anyone planning to raise and restump their homes to add livable areas.

Budget breakdown

We have done a lot of this in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. As design professionals, we are sure about one thing: the cost of this project varies depending on who you’re talking to.

Our suggestion? First, engage a designer who can produce designs based on your budget. Ask for cost estimates of the final design. Then, ask for their help when choosing a builder.

In our years of experience, we’ve met builders who like to underprice this project to get customers, then tells the homeowner about the surprise costs when it’s time to build.

We don’t want you or anybody else to experience this, which is why we do our best to (1) give an accurate calculation of the construction costs, (2) help you gather competitive builder quotes, and (3) advise which builder offer is best for you.

Like any specialised building project, the total construction costs of this type of project is hard to calculate. But, being transparent with the anticipated costs helps a lot. With it, they can prepare a more accurate budget breakdown.

Here is a pie chart, showing you an ideal breakdown of construction costs. Anyone raising a Queenslander to extend their living space must take note of this:

Experts Reveal the Cost of Raising a Queenslander and Building Underneath

As you can see, engaging a designer, producing planning drawings, hiring necessary consultants, obtaining all necessary reports & documentation, getting council approval, and obtaining a building permit takes only 5% of the total build price.

This 5% is important because is spent at the very early stages of your project. Use it not only to perfect the design but also to secure construction. Monitor the design and make sure it is always within your budget. Manage the building costs early to avoid delaying the construction.

Do it right and save yourself from the heartache

There are cases when a client asks us to re-work on somebody else’s design. The problem? They can’t build it because it’s way above their budget.

It breaks our heart to see them let go of the design they first fell in love with. But what we feel is nothing compared to the disappointment they feel. Imagine spending money on a design they can’t use, then going back to zero. 

What you can do is work with a designer who produces amazing and feasible designs. Working with Superdraft is one option. We understand that budget is one of the main factors when building your home. Our building designers always provide you with design options that are within your budget.

Renovating a House in a Heritage Overlay Experts Reveal the Cost of Raising a Queenslander and Building Underneath

Here's a Queenslander in Brisbane, raised to create more livable spaces. We have talented and skilled Brisbane-based designers who are ready to take on challenging projects like this. 

Working with the right designer is the first thing to do if you want to save you the heartache further down the track. The next thing to do is to find the right builder.

Superdraft can help you with this too. After completing hundreds of raising, restumping, and extension projects, we know the builders you can count on.

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