11 Fabulous French Provincial Homes

Exuberant and elaborate, French Provincial homes please our eyes and remind us of the peaceful life in the rural areas.
Fabulous French Provincial Homes

Love French provincial homes? We can’t blame you. It’s relaxed, inviting, and possesses pleasant symmetry. French provincial homes in Australia come in all shapes and sizes: from humble French family farmhouses to grand châteaux that stand out from the streets. 

In this blog, we’ll share some of the key elements of French provincial architecture. We’ll also share some awe-inspiring examples. By the end, you’ll want an idyllic French manor of your own!

Let’s get started!

What is French provincial architecture?

Often called a French country home, this building design is reminiscent of life in the French countryside. Homeowners welcome the use of wrought iron, antique brass, oak, the beautiful spacious kitchens, flagstone floors, intimate bedrooms, and the Juliet balconies.

Personally, it reminds us of the rural idyll. It’s nice to come home to a tranquil and peaceful home that reminds us to rest, take a pause, and enjoy life.

History of French provincial homes | French Provencial | French Provincal

As the name suggests, French provincial architecture can trace its origins in the rural areas of France, such as Provence, Normandy, and Brittany. This iconic building design has been popular since the 1600s, during the reign of King Louis XIV. It was trendy among aristocratic families who were inspired by the architecture and furnishings found in Versailles, though on a smaller and less ornate scale.

Modern French provincial architecture in Australia is classified as a revival of the original 17th and 18th-century mansions. They were built by wealthy and well-connected residents, and most of them remain local landmarks today. 

French provincial homes with shutters

What do French provincial homes look like?

French provincial architecture has a few key distinguishing features that have largely remained unchanged for the past few centuries. These include:

Balanced, symmetrical proportions

French provincial homes have a pleasantly symmetrical figure. The main entrance is located exactly in the front and centre, shaded with a porch that has ornate balustrades (rows of small columns). An equal number of windows line each side.

Steep hip roofs

French provincial homes typically feature a steep-pitched hip roof design. These are roofs where all four sides slope downwards and intersect in a ridge at the top. Traditionally, these roofs were made were either slate or copper and feature dormer windows.

Intricately carved doors and gates

Since  French provincial architecture is all about elegance and luxury, it makes sense to use door styles and gates with intricate carvings. The same goes for the railings on balconies.


Since French provincial homes were originally built by extremely wealthy families, it’s no surprise that they often feature more than just one storey. Classic French provincial homes typically have two or three floors, with the upper floors having intricately designed Juliet balconies. 

Stone or brick exterior

French provincial homes typically feature a brick or stone exterior. More modern French provincial homes, however, typically have a plainer stucco facade.

Window design

Tall, arched, multi-pane windows with shutters are another hallmark of French provincial homes. Modern versions are usually painted white, while older versions feature vibrant colours like bright blue, green, or red.

Old-world style landscaping

Since French provincial homes were originally built in the French countryside, they often featured expansive courtyard gardens. Rose bushes, hydrangea, lavender, and topiaries were extremely popular in these green spaces. If you’re planning to build an acreage home, a French provincial-style house together with a formal French garden is an excellent building design option for you. 

French provincial homes with topiary

Rustic farmhouse interiors

French provincial interiors feature a neutral, nature-inspired colour palette. They also feature various materials like linen, iron, distressed wood, and stone. French provincial homes have a formal dining and living room, a breakfast nook, and a family room. 

French provincial homes in the modern era - Living with the legacy

French country homes have a commanding, stately design that you’ll fall in love with, even from the outside. Here are some fabulous facades to inspire you:

1. Ornate French provincial homes

This astounding French provincial home features classic brick cladding contrasted against a light blue slate roof. The arched entryway is flanked by windows on each side, while dormer windows with Juliet balconies dot the upper floor.

2. Modern French provincial homes

This simpler version of the classic French countryside home features the classic hip roof and stone exterior. The muted beige colour creates a timeless facade.

3. Well-maintained French provincial mansion

This well-maintained French mansion is prefaced by ornate wrought iron gates, a row of topiary, and a courtyard. A circular tower is present on one side, reminiscent of original French provincial mansions in southern France.

well-maintained French provincial homes

4. Northern French abode

This quaint Northern French house features a charming navy blue-and-white colour scheme. Natural stone walls provide added security edging for the landscaping. 

5. French country house

This grand French country house is located on a sprawling estate. A wide balcony and dormer windows make it easy to admire the view.

French country estate

6. Elegant country mansion

This elegant country mansion sits on a well-manicured lawn secured by ornate concrete and iron gates.

French provincial homes: orange mansion

7. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

This recognisable and iconic French villa is located in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, a commune in southeastern France. It features a stunning blush pink facade that goes well with the bright pink flowers in the courtyard.

8. Plantation estate

A canopy of trees lines the entryway to this breathtaking plantation estate. Not only that, a symmetrical number of columns and windows give it a classic, elegant feel.

French mansion with columns

9. Countryside provincial homes

This charming countryside cottage features a natural stone exterior, a hallmark of French country homes.

10. Historic mansion

This gorgeous French revival home incorporates all the elements of a traditional French provincial house: a brick exterior, dormer windows, and a porch with ornate balustrades.

11. French provincial homes with a garden walkway

A luscious French garden marks the walkway to this endearing French provincial home.

French provincial walkway

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