What do I need to know before a laundry renovation?

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Doing laundry is not our most favourite household chore to do, but you can make the task easier when you have a well-designed and ergonomic space. With Superdraft, you are equipped with all the tools and professionals and you need to plan your upcoming laundry renovation. To set your project on the right foot, consider following these expert tips:

Design according to your preferences and the space available

The best designers will take your lifestyle and preferences into consideration when designing your laundry room. They will also propose design features that they find useful and helpful to you. 

Of course, they will work with the space available inside your house. A designer will suggest a lot of space saving features especially when they’re working with a very small room. Here’s a compact laundry inside a small utility room, with the washer and dryer stacked and secured under a cupboard and faces a floor to ceiling glossy lacquered cabinets. All surfaces and appliances inside this euro laundry room is white so the space looks spacious.

laundry renovation
Image credit: Orange and Orange

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Plan with the appliances in mind

The washer and dryer machines are the star of your laundry room. Always make room for these appliances when planning for your laundry renovation. Take note of the measurements and include them in the plan before finalising your laundry design.

laundry renovation
Image credit: Design Stiles

Build smart and clever storage

Every laundry requires adequate storage so you have room to hide your detergents, fabric conditioners, dryer sheets, stain and odour removers, cleaning supplies, ironing boards, sewing kits, and more.

It is highly recommended to build a custom-cabinetry with a mix of open shelves, cupboards, and drawers of different sizes. 

  • Tall and narrow cabinets are perfect for storing the iron board, mops, and brooms. 
  • Overhead cupboards are for storing chemicals and products that are harmful to children and pets. 
  • Drawers with varying depths for items you always use.

Wall storage and clever over-door organisers keep some of your laundry and cleaning products within reach.

Baskets, hampers, overhead rails, and drying racks keep your clothes (both clean and dirty) organised.

laundry renovation
Image credits: Lori Caldwell Designs

Simple but ergonomic features

With custom-cabinetry, you have an option to install ergonomic inclusions to make your laundry more functional. Some examples are pull-out laundry hampers for dark and white clothes, hanging rails between two overhead cupboards, and a pull-out ironing board.

Install a spacious benchtop

The benchtop is a key element of a functional laundry. Place it over your stowaway laundry bins or over your front-loading washer and dryer for easier sorting and folding of clothes.

It is highly-recommended to use durable benchtops made from laminate, lacquered wood, and engineered stone. These benchtop materials are impervious to moisture and can last for decades.

For improved functionality, keep your benchtop clutter-free. Store dirty clothes in their designated bins, fold the clean clothes and store them on open shelves, and hide everything else neatly inside drawers and cupboards.

Design tip: Choose a benchtop colour or material that stands out against the cabinets and the walls of the laundry. It adds an interesting contrast to the laundry room design.

Image credit: JK Interior Living

Opt for deep, stainless steel sinks

Installing a deep sink makes a world of difference when you start using your laundry room. Deep sinks are more appropriate here because it allows you to soak clothes, hand wash your delicates, and fill up a mop bucket.

It is highly recommended to use a deep sink made from stainless steel because it is durable and can withstand corrosion from laundry chemicals and moisture.

Farmhouse sinks also look good in laundry areas, but these are a little more expensive than stainless steel ones.

laundry renovation
Image credit: Tracy Lynn Studio


Similar to your bathroom and kitchen, your laundry is also a damp and wet area that requires exhaust fans. Install these exhaust fans to avoid water damage in your laundry and to keep your clothes from smelling musty.

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