Find out if your choice of flooring is right for you

Is your choice of flooring perfect for its application on your project?
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In our previous blog, we mentioned that many homeowners often choose a flooring material that does not match their need and lifestyle.

When planning for a new home or a renovation project, you need to look closely at every aspect of the material you want to buy and use to build your home. The floors must suit the room where you plan to install it.

Is your choice of flooring perfect for its application on your project? Continue reading to find out.

Are ceramic tiles for you?

Floors with ceramic tiles are common in residential houses across the country.

There are a lot of things to love about ceramic tiles. These are very affordable and cost-efficient. There are hundreds of designs, colours, motifs, textures, shapes, and sizes available. You can install this in any interior room in your house ⸺ if that's what you like.

Ceramic tiles are perfect for busy homes. These tiles do not require a lot of maintenance; a daily sweep and mop are enough. The material is durable and when installed properly, ceramic floors last for a very long time.

Here's a bathroom with lovely ceramic tiles:


Are real, solid timber floors for you?

Solid timber floors are timeless and very flexible in terms of design. You have a lot of options here.

First are the tried-and-tested hardwood planks. Many Australian homeowners favour these because the material highlights the natural beauty and grain of the wood specie (tree). Here's a kitchen with beautiful blonde timber floors:


Then, there are decorative parquet floors. These are also made of real wood but laid in a creative pattern to achieve a desired look. Parquet is a much more sophisticated option.

Before you settle for parquet and hardwood floors, understand that these need to be taken care of and maintained. Wood is a soft underfoot; it scratches easily so be careful every time you clean it. Apart from regular sweeping and moping with a half-wet cloth, you need to apply a special coating to give the surface a luxurious finish.

Parquet and hardwood floors, when maintained properly, last for a couple of decades.

What if I'm not ready for high-maintenance floors? 

There are alternatives to solid wood flooring available in the market. We are huge fans of engineered wood ⸺ this offers the beauty and feel of solid wood floors minus the maintenance. Taking care of engineered wood flooring is simple; regular sweeping and mopping will do.


Are vinyl floors for you?

Vinyl comes in planks, square tiles, and rolls ⸺  and this makes the material ideal for many uses. It comes in a wide variety of designs. Our favourites are the ones that imitate wood and natural stone.

Vinyl flooring is ideal for low-cost building projects. If you are on a tight budget but you don't want to compromise your floors, opt for high-quality vinyl.

Are natural stone floors right for you?

These are the most expensive, but these give you the most luxurious looking interiors. If you want a truly elegant and extravagant home, this is natural stone tiles should be one of your choices.

Before you buy and install these, you need to embrace the reality that this flooring is high-maintenance. It requires regular coating and polishing to maintain its beauty. Cleaning natural stone tiles are not easy; you need to follow a special technique to avoid damaging the tiles.


How about carpeted floors?

Carpets are warm, cozy, and comfortable. It is great for air-conditioned bedrooms. It is quite an investment because carpets are expensive and you need to hire an expert to install them. On top of that, the carpet requires regular vacuum cleaning and maintenance to keep it from getting musty and smelly.


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