Check out the five types of toilets that you can buy

Are you having trouble when choosing a toilet for your new bathroom?
types of toilets

Choosing a toilet seems like one of the easiest things to do when building a new or renovating a bathroom, but in reality, this is an overwhelming experience. There are so many options to choose from! Here, we want to help you shop for the one that will suit your needs and will fit your budget. We will also discuss the different types of toilets, so you have an idea of what toilet is in your collection of bathroom design inspiration board.

Types of toilets

Here, let’s talk about the different types of toilets available in the market today and our honest opinion about each one.

Close-coupled toilets

  • The most common type of toilet and widely used across the country.
  • The easiest to install because the pan and the cistern are sold together as one unit.
  • Available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and styles to suit any design.
  • Only the cistern sits flush against the wall.
  • All pipes are concealed within the unit itself. It is sleek, streamlined, and compact.
  • The exposed cistern makes minor repairs easier.

Recommended: Check out the Posh Domaine rimless close-coupled toilet suite.

types of toilets
Product: Posh Domaine

Back-to-wall toilets

  • Also sold in pairs, making installation super easy.
  • Units either come with a separate cistern or a built-in cistern (one-piece)
  • Unlike close-coupled toilets, both the pan and cistern sits flush against the wall. There is no gap between the back of the pan and the wall, therefore no grime can build up there.
  • The exposed cistern makes minor repairs easier too.

Recommended: Check out the American Standard Heron toilet suite.

types of toilets
Product: American Standard Heron Toilet Suite

Wall-faced pan toilets

  • The pan sits flush against the wall. It is installed directly into the wall and the floor; fitted firmly against both.
  • Features a concealed cistern, either hidden behind the wall or inside a cabinet.
  • The hidden cistern saves space and visually makes the bathroom less crowded.
  • Requires a button / access plate for the hidden cistern.

Recommended: Check out the Kado Lux toilet suite.

types of toilets
Product: Kado Lux

Floating or wall-hung toilets

  • Compact toilets that are mounted to the wall and visually hang or float.
  • Requires a sturdy steel frame concealed behind the wall to support the weight of the user. When installed properly, this toilet can withstand up to 150kgs.
  • Requires a button / access plate for the hidden cistern.
  • Easy to clean, since you can reach all around it as well as underneath it.
  • Consumes very little wall and floor space, making the bathroom look more spacious.

Recommended: Check out the Caroma Liano Invisi Series II Wall Hung toilet suites

types of toilets
Product: Caroma Liano Invisi Series II Wall Hung toilet suites

Smart toilets

  • Features the most advanced intuitive technology makes it a practical and pleasant toilet to suit any bathroom and modern lifestyles. It is designed to make everyday life easier.
  • Many smart toilets feature remote control support, self-cleaning nozzle, soft-closing lids, user detection, automatic flushing, built-in bidet and dryer function and more.

Recommended: Check out the Roca In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet. This is available in three configurations: wall hung, back to wall, and close-coupled.

types of toilets
Product: Roca In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet

Considerations when shopping for a toilet

  • Search for toilets online, ideally on online stores of the brands you trust or on the platforms of huge home improvement stores like Bunnings, IKEA, Reece, etc. This way you can see what’s available and what toilet you can buy with your budget
  • Choose the piece that matches your bathroom design style. Whether you have a traditional, transitional, or modern bathroom ⸺ there’s a toilet for you. Ask your designer’s opinion before you shop.
  • Check the width, depth, and height of your available space to make sure your chosen piece will fit in the available space. Refer to the measurements in your planning documents.
  • Choose a toilet with great flushing performance.
  • Choose the correct flushing system (refer to your plumber’s recommendations). For budget bathroom renovations, choose a toilet that matches the existing plumbing.
  • Choose a water-efficient toilet and save money on your water bill each month. Check its WELS (water efficiency and labelling standards) rating before buying.
  • Choose a toilet that’s tall enough or can be installed high enough. Tall toilets are easier and more comfortable to use.

Buying toilet suites post-covid

Since going to brick and mortar stores is not an option for many of us, consider purchasing your toilet suites online. The good news is that many online and retail shops are offering discounts and deals on many of their branded toilet suites and bathroom fittings.

For your safety, refrain from buying toilets from unknown or sketchy online shops or retailers. Look up and explore various websites which sell your chosen toilet suite before purchasing them.

Note: All the toilet brands and items mentioned above can be found in Reece, one of the country’s most trusted platform for buying bathroom supplies.

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