4 September 2020

Did you know? There are five types of toilets that you can buy

Homeowners renovating their bathrooms are having trouble choosing a toilet for their new bathroom.
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The flush toilet is one of the most important inventions of all time. Without it, our bathrooms wouldn’t be as hygienic, clean, and fragrant as they are today. Thanks to technology, manufacturers developed more types of toilets ranging from conventional to high-tech. 

Do you need a new toilet for your new bathroom? Here are awesome options for you to consider: 

Floor standing toilets

As the name suggests, these toilets have boodies attached to the bathroom floor. These are the most commonly used type because it’s sturdy, affordable, and easy to install. 

If you visit Bunnings Warehouse’s website (or the store), you’ll see that this type comes in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some have a separate cistern (tank), built-in cistern, or a concealed cistern. 

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Wall-hung toilets

These toilet bowls are attached to the wall and look like hanging or floating. These give your bathroom a more modern look and makes the area seem more spacious. 

A lot of homeowners are scared of buying this because they’re afraid of breaking it. Do not worry about it because these toilets are supported by a sturdy steel structure from behind the wall. It is very safe to use. In fact, it can hold up to 150kg.

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Close-coupled toilets

These are the most widely used kind of toilet all over the world. Here, the cistern is attached to the toilet seat. It suits any bathroom design style. 

Most close-coupled toilets today have ceramic toilet bowls, ceramic cisterns with a full and half-flush button (dual button). Also, the sewer pipes are visible at the back of the toilet structure.

types of toilets

One-piece toilets

These toilet model combined the cistern and the toilet bowl into a single compact fixture that’s easy to clean and maintain.

types of toilets

Electronic toilets

The last on our list are electric toilets. These feature a more improved design and ergonomic features. 

An electronic toilet is a well-known feature of smart homes and it attracted a lot of media attention in the past. It’s amazing how one toilet can:

  • automatically open and close the toilet seat
  • spray deodorizer from time to time to remove bad odour
  • heat the toilet seat when you sit on it
  • Automatically flush the toilet

In addition, most electronic toilets have a built-in bidet and dryer function which activates on a single press of a button. It is designed to make your everyday life easier.

So, which type of toilet matches your need and your preference?

Always remember, all your bathroom fixtures, especially the toilet, must address your needs and match with the bathroom’s overall design.

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