Did you know that there are four types of kitchen islands?

Find out the types and what might suit your home.
kitchen island

Choosing the right kitchen island ideas and options is one of the most popular projects during a home renovation. For many homeowners, it’s an essential feature of ergonomic kitchen design.

It’s where you’ll sort out your groceries before you store them in your cupboards and refrigerator, or where you’ll prepare meals for your family. And, if you like an open-plan space, the island serves as a soft boundary that separates the kitchen from the living or dining area.

You probably know these things already, but what you may not have realised is that there are several types of kitchen island ideas. Curious? Check out your options and assess which one is best for your home.

Let's start with the regular kitchen island ideas.

It’s the most popular choice of homeowners and renovators around the country. It comes in many sizes and configurations, but is best when you customise the island to fit in the space available.

Four Types of Kitchen Island that You Need to Know

Go for this type of kitchen island when you need a spacious worktop that’s ideal for meal preparation, baking and entertaining house guests. Install features such as power outlets, a stove or a sink to make it more functional.

You can also place a few chairs or stools on one side of the island where your kids and guests can sit comfortably while watching you cook.

Then, there's a movable kitchen island.

As you can see, this kitchen island has wheels which allow you to move it from one place to another.

Four Types of Kitchen Island that You Need to Know

Mobile islands offer additional bench space and storage in the kitchen. You can move this from one area to another, depending on where it is needed.

Let’s say you want to organise a Christmas or New Year party at home. You can push your movable island to the middle of the living room where it can serve as a long table. Or you could push it aside completely and open up your whole living space.

How about an eat-in island?

It is an island and a dining table squeezed into one. It’s multifunctional and perfect for families that love to cook.

When you plan to build an eat-in island like this, provide enough leg room under the countertop to make it suitable for dining. Keep the island bare (no stove or sink) so people can eat in comfort.

Four Types of Kitchen Island that You Need to Know

Lastly, the two-tiered kitchen island.

This is an interesting island design because it offers two levels.

The lower part of the countertop is perfect for meal preparation because of its height and because it faces the kitchen.

The higher part is called a bar, where you can enjoy a quick meal or nightcap.

Four Types of Kitchen Island that You Need to Know

A two-tiered island enables a family to multi-task (like eat breakfast immediately after cooking it). It’s also very hygienic because the meal preparation area is separated from the bar. The bacteria and dirt from the raw ingredients won’t get in the cooked meal.

Have you made up your mind about which island you’d like to have?

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