Full home renovation: where to start and what to do

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full home renovation

At one point or another, a homeowner will have to renovate their home to repair damages or make an area more functional. Most of the time, we concentrate on improving just one part of the house, whether because of budget constraints or limited time. However, there are instances when partial renovations just won’t cut it, and a complete renovation is in order. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about a full home renovation and the types of renovations you can explore if you want to make your home a better place for your family.

Why renovate your home?

Renovating a home may eat up a chunk of your finances, so some homeowners are hesitant when it comes to renovations. However, there are some compelling reasons why you should renovate your home:

full home renovation

To increase the resale value

If you plan to sell your house to move to a bigger one, then renovating your house can help increase its resale value. When people hunt for a house, they notice areas that look worn or those with damages, and these areas can easily turn them off. If you disregard areas that need repairs before showing your house to a prospective buyer, then you might have already lost the sale before you finish showing the entire house. 

Renovating your house can make it presentable and more attractive to buyers. Renovations can make your house look fresh and new. You can also do a full house renovation to update the design of your house to make it attractive to buyers. 

Buyers are looking to invest in your house, so you need to show them that your house is in great shape and an excellent long-term investment. Most buyers also want to move into their new house immediately, and the prospect of having to repair the house themselves will delay their move and cause them to look at other properties. Areas that require repairs will also cost them more money which makes your property an unattractive investment.  

To increase comfort

Although your house might be sufficient for your needs when you bought it, that might not be the case as your family grows. Renovating your house is an excellent way of ensuring that your house is comfortable for your family. Renovating your house to make way for a bigger dining area or more bedrooms for your growing kids can make your house more functional.  

Renovations can also make way for needs that are not present when you bought your house, like having a home office if you’ve transitioned to a work-from-home set-up or a home study room for your kids who are taking online classes. 

full home renovation

How long should a whole home renovation take?

Before renovating your home, it is important to set aside a timeline you will devote to renovations. For one, it will affect the lives of family members, so you need to ensure that you plan ahead like where your kids will be sleeping if the renovations involve their bedrooms. The renovations will also impact your budget, especially if you are paying labour per hour. The longer the renovations take, the more extensive the labour expenses.  

It should take several weeks to a couple of months for minor renovations. However, if you are going for a full home renovation, then be prepared to set aside between six months to as long as 15 months.  

What renovation requires a permit in Australia?

Most of the time, minor renovations don't require a permit like repainting your house, installing new flooring, or installing a new countertop. However, the need for a permit depends on your local council, so the best way to know if your planned renovation requires a permit is to speak with your local council. Permits are necessary because some renovations may pose a risk not just to yourself but to your neighbours or other members of your community. Applying for a permit enables your local government authority to conduct inspections to ensure that you adhere to building regulations and observe safety protocols during renovations.  

Although the need for permits depends on the local council, some renovations will likely require a permit. Here’s a quick guide on some renovations that may require a permit:

  • Doors and windows – adding new openings to your house require a permit like adding new doors or windows. Replacing existing doors and windows doesn’t require a permit because the opening already exists. 
  • Electrical – if you plan on rewiring your house or adding electrical circuits.
  • Fences – local governments have height restrictions when it comes to fences, and if you plan on putting up a fence that exceeds those height restrictions, you need to secure a permit.
  • Garage – if you plan on building a garage or a new driveway.
  • Layout changes – if the renovations will change the layout of your home, like adding new bedrooms, a deck, or a shed. 
  • Plumbing – you may need a permit if you’re installing a new hose bib or removing old ones outside your house. 
  • Roofing – you need a permit if you want to make changes to the roofline of your house. 
  • Water heater – you need a permit to install a new water heating system.  

Just remember that your local council can stop your renovations and impose hefty fines if you fail to secure a permit for renovations that require one. To avoid the risk of fines and costly renovation delays, be sure to secure the required permits. 

staircase renovation
image: boxbrownie.com

Steps in full home renovation

A full home renovation is a process and has steps you need to follow to ensure that renovations proceed without a hitch. 

Careful planning (where to start – what part of the house) – planning how you want to proceed with renovations can ensure that work will proceed smoothly and efficiently. You need to consult with a project coordinator or consultant and create a roadmap that your designer will follow during the renovations. A detailed roadmap lets you know what to expect during each stage of the renovation and can help ensure the completion of renovations within an agreed-upon deadline. 

Another benefit of this approach is preparing your family if you are not moving out during the renovations. For example, if renovations start on your children’s bedroom and take two months to complete, you can find them a temporary bedroom where they can sleep. 

A detailed roadmap also ensures future renovations will not affect completed ones. For example, if you want to repaint your house as part of renovations, you need to schedule the repainting after you have replaced your roof or added new windows because these might just damage the exterior paint of your house. 

Uncover unforeseen issues with the current structure – Before you proceed with renovations, consult a structural engineer to ensure that your planned renovations will damage your house. For example, if you plan on knocking down a wall to combine two rooms to make one big room, then a structural engineer can assess if the remaining walls will support your house and that the renovations will not weaken the foundation of your house. A structural inspection can help prevent damages that will result in unforeseen and costly repairs.  

Enlist a professional designer, draftsman, architect, or interior designer – Enlisting the services of house renovation experts like architects, or interior designers can help you maximise the benefits from your renovations. They can advise you on whether or not planned renovations will yield the results you want. A draftsman can help you draw up detailed plans on how planned renovations will look, making it easier for you to see how your house will look after renovations.

modern kitchen

Types of home renovations and design trends for 2022

Kitchen renovation – Kitchen renovations often involve enlarging a kitchen to make it sufficient for your family’s needs. Renovations can also involve making way for modern kitchen tools and equipment to replace aging appliances. 

Kitchen renovation trends you can expect in 2022 include:

  • Installing custom storage spaces to help remove clutter.
  • Replacing high-gloss finishes with imperfect ones like white brick, stone, and ceramic tiles with natural hues. Imperfect finishes add a layer of texture to kitchens and can help hide scratches and blemishes. 
  • Replacing your old countertop with a new one made of natural stone or Caesarstone. 

Bedroom renovation – Renovating bedrooms is a must for growing families because you can provide family members with personal spaces to suit their needs. 

Examples of bedroom renovation trends you should consider:

  • Installing a kitchenette in the master bedroom to have a complete suite.
  • Creating a home office in your bedroom without blurring the line between the sleeping area and your work area. 
  • Installing an en suite bathroom so you can have a bathroom where you can relax without worrying about other family members who need to use it. 
modern living room

Living room renovation – A living room is a common space, and renovating it can make it more functional and comfortable for your family. This is also the area where you entertain guests, so you need to ensure that it is conducive to socialising and can make your guests feel welcome. 

If you’re planning on renovating your living room, you can try:

  • Converting it into a sunken living room to make it cosier and more intimate. 
  • Biophilic designs to make it more ventilated and allow an abundance of natural lighting like installing a skylight, replacing existing windows with larger ones, or incorporating plants by installing planters or adding potted plants. 

Bathroom renovation – Bathrooms age easily because of their constant exposure to moisture and humidity, making them a common target for renovations. Renovating a bathroom often involves adding or replacing fixtures, replacing bathroom tiles or updating the plumbing system. 

When it comes to bathroom renovations, here are some trends you should look out for:

  • Creating a spa-like environment by replacing tiles with water-proof wooden planks or cork bathroom flooring. 
  • Underfloor heating is also a favourite renovation idea to make your bathroom more comfortable, especially during winter. 
  • Space-saving renovations will also be a popular trend because they can make your bathroom feel roomier. You can replace your old vanity with a floating vanity to maximise space. You can also install hanging shelves to increase your bathroom storage space. 
  • Another trend you should expect is using natural elements in bathrooms to merge indoor elements with outdoor ones, like replacing ceramic bathroom tiles with natural stone tiles. 
outdoor living area
image: The Stone Man

Outdoors renovation – A full home renovation also includes outdoor renovations, which can help increase the usable space in your property and increase its value. Common outdoor renovations include replacing fences, installing a deck, pergola, shed, or creating a new driveway.

Outdoor renovation trends you can expect in 2022 include:

  • Repainting using a two-tone colour palette to give depth and dimension to your house exteriors. 
  • Creating indoor-outdoor living spaces like an outdoor living room or an outdoor kitchen and dining area.
  • You can also create a statement entryway to immediately impress guests, like replacing your front door with double doors or adding a columned entryway.
  • If you have a large backyard, you can also install a patio to entertain guests or spend quality time with your family.
  • Another trend you will see this 2022 is the construction of garden rooms to create an outdoor home office or study area for children. 
  • This year, you should also expect to see more eco-friendly renovation ideas like installing solar panels to help conserve electricity or installing drip irrigation to make your garden water-efficient.


A full home renovation is a massive undertaking that can provide great results when done correctly. With the help of home renovation experts, such as draftsmen, building designs, architects, and the like, you can ensure that planned renovations will complete on time and within your allotted budget. Renovating your house completely can transform it into something that prospective buyers will find attractive or turn it into the dream house that your family has always wanted.

If you want to know more about other home improvement ideas that will benefit your family, be sure to follow our Trends page. You can also talk to one of our consultants if you have any renovation projects.

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