Game changers: making a difference in the architecture industry

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Award-winning building design and drafting company, Superdraft provides design and drafting services to build companies, developers, and the public all around Australia, supported by a team of over a hundred talented building designers, draftsman, and engineers.

The duo of Mark Deacon and Jake Robinson have been recognised for their growth and success, taking out 2015 Gold Coast Entrepreneur of the Year awards, as well as a host of others, including 2016 (Property and Construction), Gold Coast 40 under 40, Seek Business' Best Franchise top 10, Smart Company's Smart 50 (8th fastest growing SME in Australia), Smart Company 2nd Best Digital Innovation Company in Australia, and 2nd Best Franchise.

Mark says that he always had the entrepreneurial streak, founding his first business while he was still in high school. The passion even started earlier.

'When I was in Grade 6 at school, there was a competition to design a new sports facility and the winner will get their design principles incorporated into a project. I won and ever since, had a passion for design and the construction industry.' Mark says.

After graduating, he went on to study architecture at the University of Queensland where he was honoured with Dean's Award for Excellence.

'In 2013, through business, I crossed paths with Jake Robinson (founder of Superdraft) and decided to contact him with the intention to join forces and help expand Superdraft into a national company, utilising the great foundation and platform he had developed.

'I flew over to Perth and met with Jake and we clicked instantly. and realised that our complementary skill sets were a perfect match to enable Superdraft to grow and revolutionise the architectural design industry. The rest was history,' he said.

Before establishing Superdraft, Jake founded several tech and media companies, two of which went on to become national. With qualifications in Structural Engineering, Robinson too had sights firmly on the Architecture at a young age.

'I would draw house plans when I was a child and after running a business in other areas, I finally decided that I should utilise my skills and knowledge in an industry that I had a passion for when I was a kid,' Jake tells us.

Instrumental in the direction of the business are two of their mentors, the company's founding investors who are successful businessmen in their own right, Geoff Wilson and John Odlum (co-founder of Greencross Ltd ASX 200 Company).

'They continue to help us navigate through all the hurdles and pitfalls that came with running a high-growth business,' says Mark.

'I am also inspired with Richard Branson and Elon Musk,' he added.

As Superdraft evolves and expands, Jake credits their success to a combination of solid concept and exceptional personnel.

'We have a unique business model and cloud-based operation which is highly scalable, efficient, and low risk. We have a strong focus on scalability and business automation using apps and cloud-based technologies.'

'In five short years, Superdraft is fast becoming Australia's Residential Architecture company, and through our innovations, we are building the ultimates design and build platform which we believe will shake up the international architecture industry,' he said.

Their long-term goal is to extend their reach globally.

'Our objective is to enable anyone, anywhere in the world to design, engineer, and build (one-stop-solution) a building or renovation project with ease by being connected with the best, most suitable local team of consultants (architects, engineer, builder) through a single platform.'

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