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Great Garden Landscaping - Tips & Planning Advice
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Are you planning to spruce up your backyard or are you thinking of getting on a full-scale landscape redesign? Get inspiration from these design ideas, call the professionals to get the work done, then invite over your friends and relatives for a well deserved catch-up! 

This article includes our best tips for creating an efficient layout for your outdoor space along with everything you need to know before commencing a landscape redesign project. 

Tips for creating an efficient layout for your outdoor space

Your outdoor living space is an extension of your home. It is your private oasis, and no doubt, the best spot for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. 

Like any interior space, designing an efficient layout for your outdoor space is equally as important. Regardless of the size, be sure to make it accessible and manage the foot traffic in this area. This can be achieved by considering the best location and placement of furniture. 

When selecting outdoor furniture be mindful of proportions and sizing. If you’re unsure as to how something will look and fit you can mark it out using masking tape to help you visualise. Alternatively, Superdraft’s 3D visualisation service can help you to visualise the scale of furniture, narrow down your design options and experience your outdoor space in-situ. 

Layout for patios 

It would be nice to have a multipurpose space for dining and lazing. Here, the homeowner has space to entertain a few friends. They can enjoy a bottle of champagne on the sofa then walk a few steps to eat lunch:

landscaping advice
Image credits: House Beautiful, Susan Bednar Long

This layout is ideal because:

  1. The open area allows guests to walk uninterruptedly from the sofa to the dining table and vice versa.
  2. The lightweight furniture pieces are easy to carry, thus it’s not a hassle to modify the area and accommodate a larger crowd. 
  3. The furniture arrangement is intimate and helps stir up conversation. 

The use of all-weather furniture is highly recommended. We also recommend incorporating  a cantilever umbrella over it to protect  both you and your furniture from the elements. 

For other shading solutions please visit our blog These outdoor blinds can amplify the look of your home.       

Layout for decks

Furnishing decks are tricky because these can easily feel cramped and cluttered when there’s too many furniture pieces used. It is best to have a simple layout and avoid using bulky furniture. A sofa and table can be pushed to one  side to avoid blocking the foot traffic.

Take a look at this deck that extends the master bedroom and opens to the garden. It functions as a nice breakfast nook, an outdoor workspace, and a nice spot for Yoga. This is a multi functional deck space.

Also, that small step cues the shift from indoor to outdoor areas.

landscaping; deck design
Image credit: House Beautiful, Karyn R. Millet

Layout for narrow backyards

A narrow backyard has a lot of potential when you give it an efficient layout. Here, you see one that mimics an interior room. The landscaping and hardscaping efficiently zoned the area, created walkways, and kept the sense of open space. 

landscaping advice
Image credit: Jean Liu / Photograph by Stephen Karlisch

Layout for screened porches

Screened porches combine the beauty of alfresco spaces and the comfort of indoor rooms. The ideal layout is similar to your living room and dining room. A large lounge area can be created with comfy seating. Here, you have a wicker sofa, arm chairs, and a gorgeous swing chair — all decorated with soft fabric, cushions, and pillows to make the room more comfortable.

landscaping screened porch
Image credit: Julie Couch Interiors

Layout for poolside outdoor entertaining areas

The pool is the centre of attention and activity in the backyard. There’s a fair bit of space around the pool that you can use to entertain your guests. 

Ideally, you want to have space for lounging and dining. Zoning would be easy, since you have each poolside to play with. You can put a conversation area on one side and a few lounge chairs on the other.

poolside entertainment ; landscaping
Image credit: Night Palm Studio

Tips for commencing a landscape redesign project

Create a master plan

It is crucial to invest in a master plan before starting your large-scale landscape overhaul. Engage a landscape designer if you are going to need help in plotting plants, shade structures, hardscapes, water features, plumbing, electrical wires, etc. You may also need their help in preparing a construction schedule.

Contact Superdraft and quote your project for FREE.

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor rooms 

Open-plan indoor-outdoor spaces merge the house with the environment and offer a relaxing, breezy, and versatile area for rest and play.

Choose the best door for your indoor-outdoor space 

For indoor/outdoor areas, we suggest bifold doors, stacker doors, and french doors. These doors make a big opening and blur the visual barriers between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Keep your outdoor entertainment space cool and comfy 

It would be of great benefit if you could build an undercover area to protect your outdoor entertainment area from the elements too. Covered outdoor areas can be used the whole year round.

outdoor entertainment timber pergola
Image credit: Real Estate AU

Install recessed lighting to brighten the area and a ceiling fan to cool the space. Ceiling fans aid in ventilation of your indoor-outdoor space too.

Choose the right underfoot material 

It pays to invest in  good quality materials and the installation services that you can afford. There are many durable materials to choose from such as brick, concrete, tiles, rot-resistant lumber, and natural stone. Lay them with a nice paving pattern for a beautiful visual effect.

We are huge fans of Bluestone pavers as an underfoot material due to its hardness, durability, long lasting appearance, and ease of installation. Here’s a home with bluestone pavers used in the backyard.

courtyard bluestone pavers outdoor entertainment
Image credit: House Beautiful / Trevor Tondro

Set up an outdoor shower

If you live near the beach or if you have a pool, consider building an outdoor shower. It would be nice to rinse off before coming inside the house. To make it look grand and private, surround the open-air shower with plants. The lush foliage will make you feel like you’re on holiday at home.

outdoor shower
Villana Bali / Flickr

Beautify your space with plants

No garden is complete without plants! Make ample room for them in your outdoor space. Grow local plant species: shrubs, perennials, small fruit trees, and herbs. Follow sustainable gardening methods to conserve water and to protect your plants and soil.

outdoor kitchen with plants fun tiles patterned
Image credit: Studio Lifestyle

We hope you found this article helpful. If you would like to learn more about gardening and landscaping, please visit our blogs below or check out photos from our outdoor inspiration gallery

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