Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate a Green Roof

Because you want a developed city that doesn't sacrifice nature.

Everyone in Superdraft Australia has a passion for sustainable design. Apart from building livable structures, we also like to surround the structures we build with greenery. This is not just about landscaping, but about maintaining a green roof above you.

Celebrate a Green Roof

Sometimes called a living roof, a green roof is a waterproof roof surface that has a drainage system and it supports the growth of lush vegetation. You can have it partially or completely covered with soil. There, all plants must have a root barrier so each plant can cohabit happily with another.

In this blog, we're going to show you all the benefits that you reap from green roofs. At the end of the day, we hope that you become one of those Aussies who'd like to have a green roof because you want a developed city that doesn't sacrifice nature.

Why a green roof is worth every cent

1. It increases the value of your property

If a well-kept landscape can boost your home value, a green roof that has more than one structural benefit can do too!

First, it provides additional insulation to your home. With green roofs, you use less electricity to heat and cool your home. The lower the energy you consume, the cheaper your electricity bill becomes.

It also absorbs and redirects rainwater, mitigating stormwater runoff. This helps urban communities in preventing soil erosion, water pollution, and extreme flooding.

2. It keeps the noise out

The layers of soil, plants, and other materials that make up a green roof act like acoustic insulation. It absorbs, reflects, and deflects sound waves! As a result, you won't hear external noise from traffic, people, construction, and aeroplanes inside the house. Your home is now a quiet place in the middle of a concrete jungle.

Celebrate a Green Roof

3. It's beautiful

In a place where land is converted into urbanized spaces, it is nice to see a roof garden filled with lush greens and colourful flowers. Let's face it—not all properties have a decent backyard space for a garden. However, anyone can build their own garden up there.

4. It supports natural ecosystems

A green roof is already an ecosystem filled with interacting flora and fauna. It's the habitat of insects that pollinate flowers and plants that reduce air pollution. It's where humans can grow their own food. Most importantly, it is a place that makes city living healthy and pleasing for all living things.

5. It increases your home's thermal performance

As mentioned earlier, green roofs provide good insulation to your home. We want to explain how it works.

Note that a green roof consists of multiple layers—waterproofing membranes, water storage cells, geotextile protection fabrics, soil, and plants. With proper design and construction, a green roof won't leak, preventing heated and cooled air from escaping through the roof.

Celebrate a Green Roof

6. It gives us clean air

Plants, as we know it, are our best agents against air pollution and climate change. It breathes in carbon dioxide, a compound that largely contributes to global warming. Other plant species also absorb air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and ground-level ozone gas.

7. It filters water before it hits the sewers

Apart from separating dirt and rainwater, green roofs also capture allergens that cause pulmonary diseases in the air. The plants trap these fine particles and keep them until rainwater washes it down into the sewers.

8. It reduces flood

The ground can only hold so much water. The excess becomes runoff, washing away the topsoil, as well as the tiny plants that thrive in there. All these rainwater goes down to the stormwater system. If this overflows, it floods our streets.

With green roofs, rainwater passes through the roof soil and gets absorbed by the plants, significantly reducing the water that goes in our waterways. It's also great to invest in a water tank so you can collect and use rainwater in running the household (e.g. for flushing toilets, washing the car, watering plants in your garden, cleaning the house, and more).

Celebrate a Green Roof

9. It reduces the heat island effect

The heat island effect happens when the temperature of an urban area is significantly higher compared to the rural areas located next to it. This is a phenomenon that everyone must be concerned about as it results in higher air conditioning costs, worse pollution, and heat-related illnesses (heat exhaustion, heat cramps, or heat stroke). We can avoid this completely tho, if only we could replace heat-storing roof surfaces such as brick or concrete with heat-absorbing green roofs.

10. It's good for your wellbeing

Whether you're at home or in the office, your mind and body enjoy the sight of nature. Surrounding yourself with greenery sets you in a good mood and boosts your productivity. It makes you happy.

Celebrate a Green Roof

If having a green roof is this good, why can’t everyone have it?

People still have concerns about getting a green roof because it might leak and damage the interiors of your house. We understand that this is not a cheap building project. It's expensive and it's disappointing when your green roof failed.

Here's the thing: you can have your own green roof as long as your home/structure can support the additional weight from above. You will need the help of sustainable architects, highly-skilled tradies, and structural engineers. If the work is done by the best and most qualified professionals for the job, the risk of failing the project is very low.

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