19 August 2017

How to Pass the Local Building Council

Every homeowner fears the local design review board. Their projects can take years to get council approval. Worse? They may recommend construction methods and equipment which may spike the cost of construction.


Unfortunately, there is no magic spell that you can use to get council approval in an instant.


Instead, try these tips which may increase your chances of success and a fast turnaround time:


1. Work with architects and design professionals who have an established relationship with the local planning department.


Our team members have a minimum of 10-year experience in working with local councils. They are up to date with relevant codes and regulations and can guarantee a smooth process for you to get your approvals.


Superdraft can assist lodging your drawings to the council on your behalf if requested. Contact us now.


2. See to it that the size, scale, form and placement of your house is compatible with nearby homes and properties.


Get Fast Council Approval
Modern family home in a Melbourne subdivision



3. Make sure the site layout has a well-designed relationship to the environment, open spaces, and topography of the site.


Get Fast Council Approval
Modern house overlooking a river and a forest.


4. Make the landscape proportional to the property. Don’t forget to indicate your plant selection and garden maintenance features.

Get Fast Council Approval
Australian home with a wide lawn


5. Be consistent with the materials, colours, and compositions or your exterior design.


Get Fast Council Approval
Exterior of an Aussie Brick Home


6. Share your plan with your neighbours before submitting it to the council. The board always find projects that have the support of the neighbours easier to approve than those that do not.

Invite them over for a meal or some drinks. Everything is better with food and beer, mate! It is a good conversation starter. 🙂


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