Glamorous master bedroom with tree top views and calming interiors

Take a look at this master bedroom design with a walk-in closet and a balcony. If you like this design, contact Superdraft for a quote.
master bedroom

Nowadays, homeowners are building master bedrooms that are big enough to fit a king-sized bed, a spacious walk-in closet, and a private ensuite. When building a master bedroom, prioritise your comfort. You want your bedroom to be the place where you can relax, get a breather, and sleep after a stressful day.

Here, we present a master bedroom design that’s perfect for a person who wants a lot of storage and wants to connect with nature. A bedroom like this looks like a dream from sunrise to sunset. Check out its best features:

Carpeted floors

The bedroom is spacious and has carpeted floors. Carpet is the best choice for bedrooms because it is warm, soft, and cozy. It is quiet, unlike hardwood.

Private spaces for ‘me time’

The bedroom has its own bathroom and outdoor space. We love that the balcony area is accessible through a sliding door. It makes the area more charming.

That breathtaking view of the tree tops

We also adore the lovely view of the forest here. We can’t help but fall in love with the view that induces relaxation.

Soft-white and warm white lighting

A bedroom must have a combination of fixed and portable light fixtures. Here, recessed lights provide general lighting. These provide enough light for dressing and keep the ambience warm and relaxing. Use a dimmer so you have control over the lighting during the day and at night.

The table lamps here serve as task and accent lighting. Placed on a nightstand, these table lamps become your reading light that are within reach from the bed.

Lots of sources of natural light

Daylight comes in the bedroom through the sliding glass doors, the windows above the bed, and the skylight inside the walk-in-closet. 

Daylighting is the process of using sunlight to brighten a room during the day to help reduce energy costs.

Incredible walk-in closet 

The best part of this room is the massive walk-in-closet with custom storage. To make the room feel less claustrophobic and, well, like a closet, opt for open shelves instead of cabinets. Open shelves make the closet feel bigger — not to mention, forces you to stay organized.

To make your closet feel like a dressing room, try adding a comfortable or cushioned seat. 

If you are living in the Gold Coast and you want this kind of bedroom, reach out to our Gold Coast-based designers.

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