How to design for couples with contrasting interior design styles

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At Superdraft, we usually set on-site design consultations with the client before committing to the project. We meet lovely couples to discuss the project and to figure out their preferred interior design styles. Not all of them agree on certain things and it’s always a challenge to merge multiple, contrasting styles under one roof.

No worries — it’s not impossible to decorate a home when your significant other has a completely different style.

Designing for Couples with Contrasting Interior Design Styles

We’ve laid out several strategies for blending two or more design tastes for couples. It’s also a step-by-step procedure that you can follow. We hope this guide can help you move your project forward:

Respect the other person’s taste

The first rule is simple: Always respect and value the other person’s preferences and opinions. We all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to decor. We could be drawn to more than one design style. So, try to balance your tastes. Mix the design elements, not your personalities. The latter always results to a bigger dilemma.

Create a wishlist 

Grab your pen and papers and jot down everything that you want in your home. Let your imagination run wild, but keep your budget and space limitations in mind. Feel free to look up design inspirations from print and online sources. Those will help u set a realistic picture of your future home.   

You and your partner should do this activity separately but always keep their thoughts in mind. Share your home wishlist with them afterwards. You might be surprised by the results!

Designing for Couples with Contrasting Interior Design Styles

Discuss your priorities

Identify the most important home features from the lists you both created. Pinpoint your joint priorities first before you negotiate on other design elements. Apart from specific components, you two should decide on the vibe inside your home. (Would you like it warm and laid-back? Fun and lively? Uncluttered and streamlined?). These characteristics are less tangible but highly important.

Discuss the deal breakers 

You and your partner should talk about the things that you don’t like to have in your space early on the planning stage to avoid conflict later. Don’t fight — find a peaceful way over or through it.

In some instances, the other person completely opposes something you like. Continue reading so you have an idea how to get what you want without stepping on the other person.

Always combine styles in shared spaces

You and your partner’s personalities must reflect on your shared spaces such as the bedroom and living areas. Mixing and balancing multiple interior design styles in one room is a lot of work, but we guarantee good results. You and your partner will enjoy the space better if you both feel at home.

Designing for Couples with Contrasting Interior Design Styles

Working with fabric and furniture

Mixing and matching fabrics and furniture pieces are the best way to implement multiple design styles in one room. There are no design rules that people strictly follow here, so feel free to compromise and find harmony between the elements. Balance striking elements using soft ones. Inject some fun into your clean and streamlined interiors using bold colours or patterns. Work with more than one appealing texture.

Most importantly, ask your partner’s opinion on what works.

Tip: Consider using huge and main furniture pieces with neutral colours such as taupe, white, chocolate, grey, black etc. That way, your essential furniture pieces become timeless. Tastes and trends change quickly, and it’s not economical to replace or revamp it all the time.

Try new things

Living with your significant other means compromising (a lot!).

But, compromising to achieve the perfect home design isn’t so bad. In fact, it opens up to more design possibilities.

For instance, it’s wise to continue looking for certain furniture even if your partner refuses the previous models you’ve shown them. Trust me, they don’t always hate the idea of having that piece. Perhaps the style of the models you’ve seen doesn’t resonate with them.   

Make room for you and your partner’s passion

Living with your significant other means respecting each other's hobbies and interest. Your home should be able to accommodate those too. For instance, your partner loves music and plays the instrument often. It will help if you have their special place insulated with acoustic tiles. That way, you can enjoy peacefully while they’re doing their own thing.

Make the bedroom an escapade

Your bedroom is more than a place to sleep. Make it a sanctuary for the two of you. Pull off a theme that you both love (e.g. tropical, Asian, African, Victorian) or simply adopt the interiors of high-end hotel rooms. Make it special.

Designing for Couples with Contrasting Interior Design Styles

Have an extra den of your own? Decor your way!

There are times that you are in charge of designing one space. It could be your home office, guest room, entertainment area, home gym, main bathroom, or the walk-in-closet. When this happens, decorate the room exactly how you want it.

If it’s too much to bear, call for help

Building and designing a home is not an easy process. You should be proud of yourself once you made it through the tough decision making and settled all the major issues. If the process is taking longer than expected and you are exhausted from doing these things alone, consider hiring an interior designer. A professional designer will help you achieve a design that will appeal to both of you.

Consult our expert designers to get personalised design advice.

Find designers in Perth.

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