Your ultimate checklist to a Hamptons style outdoor space

Let these Hamptons style outdoor space inspirations stimulate your senses and spirits.
Your Ultimate Checklist to A Hamptons Style Outdoor Space

Hamptons styling is not limited to your home interiors. We are a nation of beach lovers, that’s why a coastal chic outdoor living appeals to us as well. A Hamptons style outdoor space is all about luxury and comfort under the sun.

The formula is easy. Simply create a white palette and layer it with ocean blues, natural linens, and wicker furniture. Here’s how to create a sophisticated coastal home-inspired outdoor space, plus some design ideas to inspire you.

How does a Hamptons style outdoor space look like?

You have a balance of plants (lawn) and pavers in a Hamptons style outdoor space. Most people like it because it looks clean, organized. and well thought out. It is perfect for homeowners who want a sense of control in an outdoor living that blends seamlessly with nature.

Will it work in a small garden?

With proper planning, a Hamptons look will work in any garden — regardless of its size. The key is to use design elements that fit in the space you’ve got. In the garden below, the landscape designer opted for tall plants and fences instead of three-metre-high hedging.

The key design elements

When designing your outdoor space, keep these in mind:

  • Symmetry – You need a balance between lawn and paved areas. The paved areas accommodate the living or dining areas.
  • Uncluttered, simple style – As much as possible, use fewer pieces of furniture. Only use functional ones. Avoid too much decor as well. Nature is your decor here.
  • Rich foliage and colourful flowers – Make greenery and flowering plants the main decoration. Hedge or Buxus balls look great here, but they’re not required.
  • Ocean-inspired palette – The material and colour palette consists of earthy greys, whites, and blues.

Arrangement of plants

As mentioned earlier, flowering and non-flowering plants are the stars of the Hamptons style outdoor space. Here’s how to display them at home:

  • Garden beds – Construct small retaining blocks around your garden and plant beautiful greenery here. Consider this when you have a spacious outdoor space.
  • Arrange potted plants – Grow plants inside pots and spread them out the garden. Consider this when you have a smaller garden, a balcony, or a courtyard. 

Low-maintenance pavers

A Hamptons style outdoor space is high-maintenance due to the greenery. To reduce the work, incorporate practical and low-maintenance paving materials. We like pale and mid-grey pavers. They look great when light strikes them. They are better than white pavers because white flooring materials are too bright under the sun and too hard to clean. We recommend large-format tiles because these look more sophisticated.

Furniture pieces and accessories

Comfort above everything else. Built for entertaining, your Hamptons style outdoor spaces must have comfy furniture pieces. Most homeowners fit a dining set or a living area where you can relax with friends and family.

To complete the look, decorate the chairs with soft throws and cushions in tactile fabrics like linen and cotton. Think beyond white. Use colours like navy blue and greys. Opt for stripes; this pattern gives a casual yet sophisticated vibe.

Above all, plan your outdoor lighting. This allows you to enjoy the outdoor space at night.


A lot of work is involved when planning, building and maintaining a Hamptons style outdoor space. You must commit to it so it retains its beauty for a long period of time. However, you can do a few design alterations to make your maintenance work lighter. Here’s a stone fence with vines. It can replace hedges in your garden.

Are you a fan of this style?

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