Things you should know if you’re hiring a Draftsman in Australia

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Draftsman in Australia
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Building a home requires building design professionals like architects, engineers, contractors, tilers, roofers, and others. These building experts can help ensure that your house is built correctly and up to standards. Another expert you can tap for your design-build project is a draftsman. A draftsman is believed to be cheaper than an architect but can also deliver quality technical designs of a home. This article will shed light on what a draftsman is and why it is crucial to work with a draftsman in Australia to build your house. First, let's get our definitions in order.

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What is a draftsman?

A draftsman is a building expert who draws plans for buildings and houses. A draftsman creates detailed technical drawings that contractors can use in constructing buildings. 

With the help of software and manual sketches, drafters can convert designs, plans, and layouts into a set of technical drawings. When you hire a draftsman in Australia, you'll essentially get everything you may need for the job with construction-ready blueprints.

Do I need a draftsman or an architect?

Homeowners often get confused on whether they need a draftsman or an architect, and this is understandable because both jobs entail providing detailed plans for building houses. However, there are distinctions between the two roles and understanding the difference can help you decide.

An architect designs a wide variety of buildings. They can design small houses, granny flats, commercial buildings and skyscrapers. Architects can provide professional advice on properly restoring and conserving old or historic buildings. They work with homeowners to ensure that designs are functional, secure, and economical. Architects ensure that designs meet the needs of homeowners and that the construction will not have any negative impact on the local environment. In Australia, an architect needs a bachelor's or a master's degree in Architecture and required to pass the board examinations.

A draftsman takes an architect's idea and converts it into detailed technical drawings that builders can follow during house construction. A draftsman is responsible for drawing out all the technical construction documents that a homeowner needs to secure the local council's approval and obtain the required building permits. Someone who wants to be a draftsman needs residential drafting or building design qualifications.

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Types of drawings that a draftsman in Australia can provide

A draftsman can provide several types of technical drawings depending on a homeowner's requirements. Here are some planning documents that your draftsman can provide for you:

  • Site plan: a large-scale drawing that functions as the map of a construction site.  
  • Demolition plan: a plan that shows a detailed sequence of demolishing a structure
  • Floor plan: a scale drawing showing the relationship between rooms, areas, spaces, and features of a house interior.
  • Electrical plan: a visual representation of circuits and electrical systems
  • Reflected ceiling plan: a drawing showing the features of a ceiling reflected onto a mirrored floor
  • Construction detail drawings: a drawing with detailed descriptions of geometric forms and how they should be constructed

What to look for in a draftsman?

Now that you already have an idea of what to expect from a draftsman, the next task is finding one that can help you construct your dream home. What qualities should you look for in a draftsman?

Check the credentials of the draftsman you're interviewing to ensure that the draftsman possesses the required qualifications that the job entails. You can also ask the draftsman for examples of their previous projects to better understand their drawing abilities. Most draftsmen have portfolios, and you must check if they have past projects that closely resemble the house that you have in mind. If they have a social media account, check customer reviews to get an idea of how they work with clients.

Be sure to hire a draftsman with extensive knowledge of local building codes because you will use the draftsman's drawings to obtain the required permits.  You won't be able to get the nod of your local council if the drawings don't meet local council standards.

If you don’t know any draftsmen in your local area, Superdraft can help you connect with hundred's of draftsmen across Australia. Sign up for our free app and get free quotes.

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How much does a draftsman charge?

The professional fee that a draftsman in Australia charges varies and hinges on several factors. The project's complexity plays a large role in how much you need to pay your draftsman. Keep in mind that the more complex the project, the more expensive the fee will be. Your location also dictates how much a draftsman charges because urban areas often have higher labour rates than rural or suburban areas.

A draftsman in Australia's average rate is around $20 to $40 per square metre. Some draftsmen charge on a per-project basis, with an average house plan costing $2,500 to $6,000.

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Connect with a draftsman in Australia using Superdraft

A draftsman is an important partner in building and can help ensure that you have the required construction drawings to successfully obtain building permits from your local council. Working with your architect, a draftsman can bring your vision of your dream house to life through detailed technical drawings. Now that you know what a draftsman is and what they can do for you, it's time to start your search for the best draftsman in Australia so you can start building your dream house.

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