Home design trends 2021

To help inspire your next project, we've teamed up with Superdraft’s own expert building designers along with some of Australia’s leading product suppliers and design professionals to bring you accurate insights into what home design trends will develop during the coming year and beyond.

Identifying new trends these days can seem particularly challenging to pinpoint. Many design styles have begun to overlap as homeowners seek individualised spaces that allow them to express their own personal style. 

The world has become increasingly design-savvy in recent years and more confident. People are choosing to create eclectic interiors over fleeting trends which have actually enabled products to have more longevity in the market. Some of the trends we saw filtering through a few years ago are still in high demand today.

However, after the challenges of 2020, trends for 2021 have become less about styles and finishes and more about our relationship with our home. How we feel and the way we use and interact with a space has become the biggest priority of all. 

Multi-purpose spaces that create a sense of well-being and offer privacy or quiet zones to allow for work, home-schooling and exercise are a key area of focus for 2021. Neutral, earthy, colour palettes and organic natural finishes that offer a greater connection to nature, along with comforting products such as tactile fabrics and curve-hugging furniture forms will be influencing many homes this year.

The onset of Covid and living through lockdown will certainly leave a lasting impact on the way we design for the future.  To gain an in-depth understanding of the many factors guiding home design this year, we reached out to our expert building designers along with some leading product suppliers and design professionals. 

Watch this space for our upcoming comprehensive home and living trends for 2021 report! It will include accurate insights into what new release products, exterior and interior materials and finishes, colour palettes, styles, sustainability, wellness in design and Australian housing solutions will look like over the coming year.

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