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How to Create an Inspiring Home Office Space

Most of the people working in the office had no choice but to work from home. If you are working from home right now and you think that this is your new normal, you need to create a space that addresses your needs. You need a space that promotes creativity, productivity, concentration, and happiness. It is crucial to get rid of distractions and temptations to stop working. To help you, here are a few home office ideas to help you start creating your own (plus the answers to our readers’ frequently asked questions):

How do I set up a home office?

It depends on your needs and the demands of your job. Some people need a separate room; others only need the essentials — a desk, an ergonomic chair, and storage. 

Ideally, place your home office near a window with a view. It is nice to look at something beautiful every once in a while. Take a look at the home office set-up below. It’s clean, and the daylight keeps the interiors fresh and bright. Sunlight is an instant mood booster, so choose a room with lots of natural light.

home office ideas

How do I organise my home office

Organisation is crucial to home office design. It is frustrating when you can’t find the things you need when you are searching for it. 

For a better functioning office space, provide enough storage. Vertical storage is efficient and is a great way to use wall space. Think of slim bookcases and shelving units. 

Custom storage looks nice too. Take a look at this home office with a custom-designed desk. The legs of the table that also offers storage: 

If you don’t want to see clutter, opt for storage with doors. Do it to keep your office tidy. 

Where should I put my office?

If you have an extra room, set up your home office there. Make it private, so there are fewer distractions.

In many cases, there’s not enough floor space in our homes. With a little creativity, you can squeeze a home office anywhere. There are bedrooms with a small home office. There are living rooms with a tiny office space. All of these multi-use spaces are good, but if possible, avoid working in high-traffic areas. 

What are the best colour and material palette to use?

It depends on your preferences and needs. If your job requires lots of concentration, you would want to choose a colour that is calm and evokes productivity. If you are in the creative field, you would want to select a colour that promotes creativity.

What are the most popular choices nowadays?

Black walls are trending this 2020. A lot of homeowners who prefer black and white interiors consider having this dark accent wall in their home office. 

If black walls are a little too much, opt for other bold colours like navy blue, emerald green, or dark purple. 

Tan walls are stress relievers and promote a peaceful home office space.

What colours are not ideal for this room?

Design is flexible, but if we consider colour psychology, some colours are not ideal for a home office design. 

For example, red is a colour that possesses very high energy, which might increase your anxiety levels. 

An all-white office might look beautiful, but it might give you eye strain and migraine, especially when you’re facing the computer all day. 

You also want to avoid distracting and bright colours like lime green, neon orange, or electric yellow. 

Is there such a thing as a happy colour?

Yes, we find the colour yellow highly motivating and energetic. Use a bright, happy colour like this but be careful not to overdo it. Too much yellow can be overstimulating. 

home office ideas

How do I revamp my home office decor?

Less is more. Cut the clutter to increase your productivity. Display indoor plants to reduce stress and anxiety.

Feel free to inject fun and funk in the design using a statement rug, light fixture, art, etc. Make sure your office reflects your personality. 

Lastly, use photos. Create a small gallery wall of pictures of your family, teammates, career milestones. Display trophies and certificates as well. Your home office design should be inspiring and motivating.

I might go back to the office soon. Is a home office necessary?

A home office is still a good idea even if remote working is only temporary. We all deserve a space where we feel productive. It is a flexible space — read here, write here, get creative here. 

Is it possible to work from home without a dedicated office?

It is possible. If there is a will, there is a way. Some people use their dining table as their workstation—office by day, dinner table by night. 

If working from home is a part of your long term plans, create a dedicated home office where you can store your gadgets and papers. Do this to keep everything organised. 

Need more advice? Talk to one of our design consultants. You can also view some home office ideas and inspirational photos here

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How to Create an Inspiring Home Office Space

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