6 helpful home renovation ideas for your growing needs and family

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So you finally decided to lay low on your career and build a family ⸺ scouting home renovation ideas and designs online to accommodate the size and needs of your dream brood. Of course, when you’re living in a small house, the initial idea that comes into mind is maximising your space, right?

Renovation ideas, however, are numerous, and you just can’t decide that easy! In this article, we’ll suggest additions to your home that will help you finally get some ideas for your home renovation.

Let’s get to it!

How much should you spend on a home renovation?

outdoor living space as kitchen

You could be torn between renovating or building anew. You’re terrified that one can cost more than the other and that you could be paying something you can’t afford. Here are 5 reasons why renovations can cost more than your planned budget. 

Before going into the ideas for your home renovation, you first need to set a projected budget. As a rule of thumb, it must be realistic and should be around 5 to 10%* of the total market value of your home.

Like figuring out the timeframe and choosing the labourers, setting a budget is a crucial and challenging task. You must determine the scale of your renovation, the affected areas, and the materials to use. Doing that alone can be rigorous and burdensome.

But, how do you estimate an accurate budget for your project? How do you avoid spending way over it? In our previous blogs, we’ve answered this question and tackled the reasons that blow up your renovation budget and ways to avoid budget blowouts. We’ve also suggested ways for you to save money on your renovation.

Remember: You have to stick with your budget, or else you’ll end up with an overcapitalised home renovation. Sign up for Superdraft and book your design consultation with our Project Coordinators and give you a project estimate, both for free.

*The figure indicated above is an estimate only and subject to change.

Perfect home renovation ideas your family can appreciate

Here are the home renovation ideas that you can pull which are helpful for you in building your own family.

Extend your outdoor space

smiling toddler sitting in a patio

A spacious outdoor area can be a place your kids can roam around. You may want to widen your space with a patio, gazebo, balcony, or a backyard deck. They can function as an extended entertainment area, a living room, or an improvised kitchen area for a bbq.

outdoor patio as living room

You can place a sleek, chic, comfortable sofa set for a cozy alfresco set-up. Pick weather, UV, rust, and water-resistant furniture so your family can relax and enjoy without worrying about damaging the table in everyday wear and tear. Read more about our outdoor renovation guide.

Add a mudroom for your home renovation

scandinavian mudroom for home renovation ideas

One of the home renovation ideas on this list is a mudroom.

In your entryway, you can build a tiny mudroom where your family can shrug off their outside clothes, shoes, etc. You can also create a separate one. Some houses, moreover, incorporate their mudrooms with their laundry areas. 

simple and elegant mudroom with rust throwpillows

You can place organisers where you can utilise hooks for your bags and scarves. Also, a cubby for each family member would be a nice touch to your mudroom.

Here’s a simple and cozy mudroom with a bench; throw pillows and cabinets.

mudroom with a white finish

Hire a drafting or building design professional for your dream renovation project. Your chosen professional can provide you with architectural plans if you opt to renovate and create a mudroom.

Consider a study nook

The pandemic allowed office professionals to have a work-from-home setup. Since it would just take up a small desk for your computer and others, you can easily fit an office or a study nook everywhere.

Ideally, it can also serve as a future study space for your kids.

home renovation idea for your study room

You can tuck a study area beside the window, under the stairs, or even in the hallway. It can occupy minimal space and won’t interfere with your home’s day-to-day activities.

study nook under the stairs for a home renovation idea

Do you know that specific designs increase productivity in a study room?  Read more about the design ideas for your study room.

Include a walk-in wardrobe

male walk in closet

Another on our list of home renovation ideas is a walk-in closet. Contrary to the usual walk-in closet idea, they don’t have to be luxurious or extensive. They need to have ample open storage and space to keep your clothes and other accessories in check.

You can install it on the ground floor near the laundry area for easier accessibility. You can place it in your laundry area if you have limited space. Big cabinets can serve as partitions.

woven straw baskets in white walk in closet

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can buy ready-made storage cabinets, which is a convenient choice. The downside here is you can’t fully maximise the rest of your space. You may want to talk to a draftsman to help you add creative, smart, and custom-built storage.

walk in wardrobe with maximised storage space

You can add more shelves to store your clutter, like old books. Don’t hesitate to experiment, mix, and incorporate ideas to address your family's needs. 

Consider a reading area in your home renovation

attic as a reading nook for a child

There’s nothing more relaxing than reading in a comfortable space while enjoying a well-written paperback. Ideally, reading areas are located where there is enough sunlight and nice seating.

Consider placing your reading nook near the window. They take up minimal space yet bring out a cozy atmosphere with your interior. Aside from being a reading area, it can also serve as an additional lounge or entertainment area for your visitors.

home renovation idea for a modern living room

You may opt for more expansive windows to give a better ambience and view of the outdoors.

Scenic living room/sunroom

A small house gives you a chance to think of ideas and designs to maximise your space. An open-plan living design for your living, dining, and kitchen areas gives you the ability to enjoy the amenities without partitions.

home renovation idea for your living room

Aside from an open-plan design, one of the popular home renovation ideas is adding a sunroom. You can try knocking down walls and installing bifold doors, internal windows, and glass dividers. Let in natural light as much as possible. Enjoy the sun and the morning heat! 

living room and sunroom with skylights

Add flowers and pots of plants to add greenery to your abode. You can also install clerestory windows or skylights for a more convincing sunroom. 

Your growing family can surely appreciate nature and relax with the ambience without feeling overcrowded because of the illusion of space your glass windows made.

Priority = family

When planning for a renovation, aside from racking your brain more than a few times, you can get professional help. It saves you time and energy. Here at Superdraft, we can help you connect with building design and drafting professionals who are experts in home renovation ideas. They can assist you and suggest cost-effective materials for your project.

Speak to a team member today, access our project planning dashboard, and be inspired by our inspiration gallery. Decide and prioritise. After all, it’s your family you’re building your home for. Sign up now!

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