Homeowners with Unique Tastes Will Like This Industrial Style Apartment

Like the pleasure and comfort of a modern house but love rough and unfinished surfaces? Check out this industrial style apartment design.
Industrial Style Apartment

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the pleasure and comfort of a modern house but adores rough and unfinished surfaces, then this industrial style apartment design might work for you.

Industrial Style Apartment Industrial Style Apartment Industrial Style Apartment

What we like about this industrial style apartment

Inspired by old structures

The most distinctive features of an industrial style apartment are raw and unfinished surfaces. In this apartment, there are ceiling beams, factory-style windows, raw concrete, and aged brick walls. These design elements remain unadorned and shown off with pride. No curtains and paint; everything exposed like art.

Open space

The apartment is in an open floor plan format. The kitchen, living, and dining areas connect to each other but in their specific zones. Zoning is the key to turn an open plan space into an efficient, multi-tasking space. The open plan layout also gives you plenty of freedom to move in the space. But, you don’t need a huge apartment to pull off this look.

Decor nicely

Inside this industrial style, negative space is as important as the spaces that you use. Most of the pieces here are simple, others are bold and stand-out pieces. Look at the bar stools; these chairs shine and accessorize the room.


In the common rooms of this apartment, there are smooth hardwood floors that give this industrial apartment a clean look. There is no wear and tear on the floors, which look really modern.

If you want to soften and warm up the underfoot, lay rugs on the floor. Use a rug that follows your colour and material palette, of course.

No limits

There is a multitude of ways to create industrial style interiors. Some highlight metal elements like iron staircases, steel shelves, pipes, or wires. Others use vintage and salvaged furniture pieces to highlight the room.

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