Why homes and buildings should maximise views and connect with nature

Earth is the best building material of a house. We’ll show you why a structure, whether residential or commercial, should connect with nature

As designers, we believe that Earth is the best building material for a house. Our homes shouldn’t feel disconnected with ecology. That said, we always take advantage of views and the natural elements when designing a project. In this blog post, we’ll show you why a structure, whether residential or commercial, should connect with nature and how you can do it.


Why Homes and Buildings Should Maximise Views and Connect with Nature


You need a dose of nature

Nature is an essential component of our health and wellness. Without it, you feel confined at home or in the workplace. Here are


  1. Based on the Colour Rendering Index, natural light possesses the full spectrum of colours. The lack of natural light, or at least full spectrum lighting, results in headaches and eyestrain.
  2. Looking at short-range or long-range window view allows the eyes to refocus after looking at bright screens. This is important to maintain a healthy vision.
  3. Daylight has a direct effect on the body’s circadian cycle or our sleep-wake pattern. Without enough exposure to natural light, you are compromising the length and quality of your sleep. This leads to over fatigue or a serious sleep disorder.
  4. Bright and open living and working environments reduce stress and increase one’s concentration and productivity. The outdoor view provides a healthy mental stimulation.


The most important things to consider when designing a space

One project will be different from the next one. But, as designers, there are a few things that we feel that we should prioritise. Our consistent imperatives are the client’s vision, project goals, local codes, and the budget. Then, we design based on the building’s location. We look for ways to connect the interiors to the outdoors.

Why Homes and Buildings Should Maximise Views and Connect with Nature

Talking about the homeowner’s priorities

This is the first step of the design process. At the end of the day, we want to produce a design brief which helps us discover what the client wants and how important it is to them. It is key to producing the best possible design for the homeowner. Perhaps you want something extra in the living room and kitchen. The design brief will help us fulfil your requests, as long as it's doable (consider local building codes and your budget).


Connect with nature but follow the budget

It’s important to settle the budget from the beginning. We meet with the client and maintain contact with them until we land on the final design. If the design doesn’t fit the budget, we pull back on some specifics. We ask the client’s opinion in identifying the essentials as well as the superfluous elements of the design. We even present affordable, yet high-quality alternatives to expensive building materials.

Why Homes and Buildings Should Maximise Views and Connect with Nature

Size doesn’t matter

There is no rule that prevents a huge or a humble home from enjoying a good view. Size doesn’t matter—but the scale does. Everything has to be appropriate for the site. Don’t squander space through planning every millimetre. Most importantly, maintain a garden so you get instant access to nature.


Building a smart home  

A high-tech and a low-tech home both have advantages. We are open to design both. It starts with the client’s priorities and needs. For some homeowners, owning a smart home is unnecessary. But if an advanced tech is required, we integrate it into the design.


We can help you build a home that connects with nature.

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