How long does it take to renovate or build a new house?

Get to know the factors that affect the timeline of your new build or renovation project, so you can assess how long the project will take.
How long does it take to renovate or build a new house? Modern contemporary home design

“Hey Superdraft, how long would it take to finish my project?”

This is one of the biggest questions that future homeowners like you ask us in the beginning of their project.

Everyone who is planning to build a new home or to renovate wants to know how long the process is going to take. 

However, there is no real way of knowing the exact date of completing your project. We can only give you a broad and conservative estimate. It can take four months up to a year, depending on individual circumstances.

Factors that affect the length of your build

  • the size and complexity of the home design
  • the number of storeys
  • access to the construction site
  • the condition of the site before you start building
  • budget and finances
  • council approvals
  • planning and building permits
  • difficulty of construction methods used
  • weather conditions
  • design variations
  • source of building materials

All projects are different in terms of size and scope and all clients are unique in regards to their desire to make design changes. 

Councils are all different in terms of their approval times. Approval can take a few weeks or several months, depending on the specifics of the site, concerns from neighbours, heritage overlays, and environmental concerns.

During construction, extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or extremely hot days can delay building. And, expect delays if the building materials needed did not arrive on schedule. 


To help first-time homeowners and renovators understand the time frame, we have streamlined the building process and have broken it down into stages, so you know exactly what’s going on at all times.

The timing for design and council approval phase:

  • 4-8 weeks for small to medium renovations and new builds
  • 6-10 weeks for medium to large renovations and new builds

The construction timeline for single storey homes usually lasts 14-16 weeks. Double-storey homes take 20-24 weeks to build. Bigger and bespoke house designs usually take up to a year to complete.

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