How the modern Scandinavian style house evolved

Modern Scandinavian style houses (Nordic designs) are popular in Australia, but not everyone appreciates how flexible this style is.
nordic interiors How the Modern Scandinavian Style House Evolved 3 Cool & Lovely Interiors that are as Popular as Mid-Century Modern Design
Scandinavian apartment with white walls, parquet floors, and other heavenly décor.

When Scandinavian style became a trend back in 2018, it was perfect for minimalists. It featured rooms with all-white walls with blonde wood floors and furniture. The design is super simple and soft. 

It is different now. 

Today's Scandinavian style features vivid colours, glistening metals, bold furniture pieces, and kitsch patterns. It went from minimalist to maximalist, but the changes were tolerable. 

How the Modern Scandinavian Style House Evolved

Update your modern Scandinavian style house

Here, we give you an inside scoop on the trending Nordic interior designs. There are relevant photos which you can add to your mood board as well. 

Switch to luxurious furniture pieces and decorations

The standard Scandinavian style furniture is all about simplicity and functionality. Most pieces are made from bare wood, with a design that's sleek, simple, and functional. 

Today's home designers want to excite things a little through the introduction of opulent design elements. Think of upholstering the sofa with a sumptuous velvet fabric, decorating the bed with velvet pillows, installing brass fittings, hanging lustrous metal light fixtures, and painting the walls with deep blue and burgundy shades. 

If you ask us, the new Scandinavian style looks like a regal home in London or a lavish pad in Los Angeles, California. 

Say goodbye to white as the main colour

Most homeowners associate Scandinavian design with white or grey walls. But, these two are not the only colours that you can use. Try pastel colours, millennial pink, mint green, deep blue, dark green. 

One of the biggest trends today includes painting the wall, skirting boards, door frames and window sills with the same colour. Here, you see a living room with a dark green wall, pastel pink couch, emerald green velvet pillows, and a brass lampshade. 

How the Modern Scandinavian Style House Evolved


The number one fear of homeowners is owning houses that look the same. There is a misconception that one must conform to a preconceived Scandinavian style, which is untrue because every homeowner has design freedom. 

There is a lot of room for individuality and creativity in a typical Scandinavian style house. When you refresh your home interiors, add unusual yet eye-catching designs. Express your personality. Be unique and make your home feel exclusive to you. 

Inject playfulness

The typical Scandinavian style house looks a little stern, which makes some people feel gloomy. 

If you're tired of this serious look, consider adding playful design elements to your plan. Start with using interesting furniture pieces (e.g. Verner Panton’s voluptuous chairs, MUUTO's DOTS coat hook, etc.)

Kitsch patterns 

Another playful design element that you can inject in your Scandinavian style home is a wallpaper with fun patterns. Choose a unique and slightly over-the-top design such as elaborate flower prints, tropical leaves, animal prints, and more. 

How the Modern Scandinavian Style House Evolved

Items not bought from Ikea

A lot of homeowners who want a Scandinavian style home buy furniture pieces and decorations from Ikea. But, not everything has to be new. Try looking for good-quality secondhand pieces in street markets or vintage stores. If you have a family heirloom that you can display, (e.g. furniture, cedar chests, steamer trunks, kitchenware, art, etc.)  try to find a place for them in your home. 


No matter how much Scandinavian changed, the core concept of the design which is functionality and ergonomics is still there. Usability is still prioritised over aesthetics.

Design evolves to cater to the needs of more people

Designers today took advantage of Scandinavian design’s flexibility and made it a little creative, playful, and colourful. This way, it will capture more people’s hearts and the world will continue to enjoy good design for a long period of time. 

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