1 June 2020

How to add matte black touches to your bathroom

Here’s a bathroom that looks collected, yet edgy.
matte black bathroom

Matte black bathroom fittings and fixtures are not as flashy as metal ones, but their velvety finish and graphic silhouette make this one of the most wanted design trends in the country. 

Take a look at how this designer added matte black touches to this bathroom: 

matte black bathroom

The designers covered the walls with white square ceramic tiles. They used black grout to breathe life into the walls. They installed matte black tapware, shower fixtures, and freestanding tub to consolidate the look.

Notice how the faucets and showerheads pop against white tiles. The contrast between colours is visually appealing. It is like a match made in heaven. 

Here are more snapshots of the bathroom: 

matte black bathroom

matte black bathroom

A bathroom like this will appeal to homeowners who like the streamlined, minimal, yet edgy design.

Expert design inputs

  • On using white square tiles on the wall: It may not be the most daring choice, but plain square tiles are the perfect material to cover the bathroom walls. These square glazed tiles offer a lot of design freedom. When paired with dark grout, these create a contemporary and versatile design scheme. Square white glazed tiles are not super expensive, so tiling the bathroom all the way with it won’t break the budget.
  • On using black and white patterned tiles on the floor: Bold and exciting bathroom floors complement the simple white walls. The intricate geometric shapes and patterns make a statement and give us a focal point.
  • On using timber vanity cabinets: Black and white bathrooms look best when decorated with rich timber and lush green plants. The natural wood finish of the vanity adds a introduce character and a calming vibe in this bathroom.
  • On purchasing matte black bathroom fixtures and fittings: Almost all of the manufacturers of construction and decor supplies offer this finish. Go to the website of your favourite brands and save the items you want to include in your new bathroom. Or, search for budget-friendly options on Amazon, Home Depot, Bunnings, IKEA, etc.

Try the matte black trend

White and black bathrooms are sharp and fresh. Embrace this trend when you revamp your bathroom because it’s sure to stick around.

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