How to avoid a renovation budget blow-out

Did you know that about 30% of your budget could go to waste in a typical renovation? That doesn't have to be the case!
renovation budget blow-out

A renovation budget blow-out is a nightmare for all home renovators. Here is the best way to avoid this. 

A renovation budget blow-out is a nightmare for all home renovators. The good thing is, you can avoid going over budget when you conduct careful planning and take time to prepare for your renovation. 

Superdraft's process ensures that your renovation project gets finished on time and within budget. Our process helped a lot of our clients to avoid a budget blow-out. 

How to avoid a renovation budget blow-out 

Rookie mistakes such as inefficient planning, not preparing a contingency plan, and poor communication with your designer often result in budget blow-outs.  

Here's how to keep the renovation costs within your budget:

  1. Spend enough time planning your project. Avoid rushing things. 
  2. Mind the costs. Here in Superdraft, we offer a preliminary building cost estimate to help you get a close and accurate cost estimate of your project. 
  3. Establish a safety cushion. Careful planning allows you to discuss and address a lot of issues, but you still need to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Some problems reveal themselves in the middle of the renovation. Fixing these incur extra costs. Set aside a contingency of at least 15-20% of the total budget for this, just in case.  
  4. Lastly, communicate with your project management and design team at all times. Communicating makes the entire building process transparent and clear. At any stage, when you are unsure of what is happening, or you feel like something is going wrong, you can immediately clear it up with the project manager. Here in Superdraft, we act as your project manager. With us, you have a full-time support team, and you can switch designers for free.

How can a designer help avoid budget blow-outs?

Lack of planning is one of the most common reasons why the budget gets out of hand. Here is where a skilled designer becomes essential. 

A designer who truly designs to budget creates conceptual drawings or sketches first before moving on to the working drawings. 

Creating conceptual drawings is the best way for the designer to understand what you want and what you need. Here, we talk about your pain points and how to solve them to make your life easier. 

Also, a skilled designer asks about your budget to ensure that your project is feasible. 

Here in Superdraft, our senior building designers always assess the feasibility of the project before they work on the drawings. Is the dream renovation project possible with the budget? If not, you might want to increase the budget or decrease the scope of your renovation. We talk to the client about the situation until we come up with a better design solution. We make sure that we are on the same page with you, and everyone understands the final design that we hope to achieve. Then, we work on the planning drawings. 

How can a project manager make things easier?

The easiest way to avoid a renovation blow-out is to work with an experienced project manager. 

Here in Superdraft, we are your project manager, and we liaise with the designers, consultants, and builders you need on your behalf. We have a full-time support team that is ready to handle all your concerns. 

Without a project manager, you will find and liaise with all sub-trades on your own. It is not going to be easy — it is hard to deal with the designer, builder, engineers, trades, plumber, electrician, tiler etc. while making design decisions. It is also challenging to make these professionals work together. 

If you have Superdraft as your project manager, you only need to contact us, and we will ensure that each piece of the puzzle works perfectly to deliver your project. We have established our working relationship with all these design and construction professionals already, and they are ready to take on the projects that we have for them. Rest assured that we manage the design and construction phases like a breeze. 

How can Superdraft help me avoid renovation budget blow-outs? 

Superdraft is one of the nation's most popular ways to design and build. We are managing over a thousand projects annually, and each project has a dedicated project manager who is responsible for giving the client the right designer and helping them organise consultants and builder quotes. 

We streamline and simplify the renovation process to make it more cost-efficient and less stressful. We make sure that every project we handle is expertly planned and built. 

If you are thinking about renovating but you are unsure how to manage the work and the budget, schedule a free consultation with us

Contact our Sydney-based building designers for more info.



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