How to breathe life to your small guest room

Are your guests staying with you during the holidays? Make them feel welcome! Here’s how to give them a comfortable and stylish place to sleep.
How to Breathe Life to Your Small Guest Room

You shouldn’t feel hesitant to host your family or friend’s stay this holiday season. Even a small guest room can feel like a cozy and dreamy bedroom for them. A few basic changes can transform an ordinary bedroom into a holiday retreat. Revamp your bedroom like this to give them a comfortable place to stay: 

Declutter the spare bedroom

Declutter the space you want to turn into a guest room. Remove all the items that don't belong there. Then, decide the fate of each one.

When you use an object on a regular basis, store them in the place where you frequently use them.

If you need an item only once or twice a year (e.g. Christmas decor),  hide them in the garage or attic (when you have one).

When you find something you don't need or use, think of upcycling them (give them a new life) or donating them to charity.

Decluttering might take an entire afternoon, a day, or a weekend; depending on how heavy the work is. Apart from removing the unnecessary items from your guest bedroom, conduct a general cleaning. Wash the beddings, vacuum the floor, remove the cobwebs, and wipe the furniture clean.

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Get creative with storage

After decluttering, think about your storage next. The extra bedroom is not a primary room, so it's ok to skimp on storage. You don't need to buy a new cabinet or build a custom closet. Just be creative and practical!

For one, make sure that your guest room has a small table. A bedside table is enough for storing the essentials (e.g. their smartphone, wallet, books). Using decorative boxes or woven baskets are also big among homeowners. These are affordable, customizable, and stylish. It does the job well, for it hides the items one doesn't want to see in plain sight (e.g. laundry). To achieve a chic and cohesive look, use multiple identical baskets or boxes.

Consider using freestanding clothes and shoe rack too. When you do, provide your guests with a nice hanger. You won’t regret using this for this is useful and space-saving. 


Painting the room is the fastest and easiest way to give it a fresh and new feel. Go for a delightful colour that you like. Light and neutral paint colours open up a room and make it feel welcoming. On the other hand, dark wall colours are bold and make the room cozy. Consider having two-toned walls inside the guest bedroom for it helps zone the room. Also, use paint to breathe new life to your old decor and furniture pieces. Go on, repaint your headboard, bedside table, shelves, or a few decor items.

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Choose comfy soft furnishings

Opt for soft and comfortable fabrics for your curtains, throws, beddings, and rugs. When these tactile elements are soft to touch, you amp up the relaxation factor in your guest bedroom. Here, the designers used coastal-inspired blues, neutral tones, and natural fabrics. These go well with greenery, which is why designers placed potted plants on the bedside table. If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, consider switching up the look with colourful, printed wallpaper, bed linen, cushions, and pillowcases. Hang a bold artwork on the wall. And, put glass or metallic accessories on the bedside table. 

Add a touch of luxury

When you want your bedroom to look like you splurged on it, exert extra effort to make it more comfortable or hotel-like. Comfort is the best form of luxury that you can give. Consider displaying a stack of neatly folded towels and a generous amount of toiletries. Put these inside a pretty basket and leave them inside the guest room. Put scented candles, a posy of fresh flowers, and a few good books on the table. Provide them with extra blankets and a table fan, so they remain comfortable in case the room gets too cold or too warm. 

Spend wisely

It’s an expensive time of the year, and the last thing you want is to blow your budget decorating a spare room. So, spend on the big-ticket items like a comfortable mattress, pillows, and beddings. Spend more on the things that give your guests a good night’s sleep.

If buying a new mattress is out of your budget, soften the old one with a mattress topper. It is cheaper than buying a new mattress.

Then, top the bed with comfortable beddings. We always recommend using natural fabrics such s cotton and linen. These fabrics let the skin breathe, perfect for the hot month of December. These are also durable and easy to wash.

After furnishing your guest room with the important pieces, decorate the room. Try to save money here. Look for great pieces that don’t cost a fortune. 

Make the bed the central piece

When designing your guest bedroom, make the bedroom the focal point of the room. Shove the bed against a wall to make the room more spacious. Then, decorate around the bed.

Here’s a cool tip. Consider using two single beds instead of a single queen or king sized bed. That way, you can connect the bed and separate them.

Also, have one major decor piece per wall. Try not to overcrowd the walls of your guest bedroom. 

Use long curtains

Curtains soften the look of the room. Long, sheer curtains on your windows and around the bed create a light, ethereal, and romantic feel in the room. Consider this when you want your spare bedroom to look like a getaway.

Hang small mirrors

Small mirrors open up your space and make a room feel larger without dominating the entire room. Also, smaller mirrors are less expensive and easier to hang on the wall.


The holiday season is about spending time with the people you love the most. If there’s a spare room in your house, let them stay with you. Freshen up your guest room and welcome them in your home with open arms. This hospitality is better than any hotel or accommodation.

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