How to Build a Home for Your Growing Family

Is your current home getting small for your family? Here are some renovation ideas that you will find useful!
How to Build a Home for Your Growing Family

Your family is growing in size and number. That’s not a problem until you realise that your current home is too small for them. What will you do if moving to a new home is not an option for you? Let’s say you like your current neighbourhood. And, there’s a convenient distance between your home to the school, office, hospital, grocery, parks, and other landmarks. In this case, you must build an extension and renovate your existing home. This is your best bet to create additional space and to build a home for your growing family.

Creating additional livable space

Extending your home provides the additional space you need, minus the hassle of moving to another place. The process is simpler — you just need a plan to change your current home, process building approval, get permits, then find guys who will construct your home.

A home extension project also:

✅ Allows you renovate your home to make it more comfortable, beautiful, and energy-efficient.

✅ Lets you keep a multi-generational home which has sentimental value to your family. READ: Is Building a House Extension Better than Moving?

Renovation ideas to steal

We compiled several renovation ideas for you to consider. These are the common situations that we encountered in our years in the business

1. Build an extra bedroom

  • If there’s a large bedroom in the house, split it into two to accommodate your growing kid’s needs
  • Transform your attic into a teenager’s bedroom
  • Convert your garage into a bedroom, then build a carport

READ: How to Convert Your Garage into a Bedroom

If you don’t need an extra bedroom, you can use it for something functional like your home office, study, game room, media room, or a playroom for the kids.

2. Extend your kitchen

  • Knock down a few walls and create an open plan kitchen, dining, and living area. Turn it into a lively family room.
  • Use a kitchen island to separate the kitchen from the other areas.

This is a life-changing renovation project, especially for homeowners who used to work with small kitchens. Imagine the freedom that you’ll feel inside an open and airy space.

3. Renovate your basement

Do you have a basement that’s just sitting down there? Renovate it, don’t let it accumulate dust and cobwebs!

  • Turn it into a bedroom, a home theatre, man cave, or entertainment room.

When extending downwards, make sure that you build a strong foundation that will carry the load above. Install good lighting to illuminate this fantastic space.

4. Add a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen

  • Extend your home outwards and connect it to your outdoor space
  • Build an indoor-outdoor space

If the plot of land you own can accommodate a ground floor extension, do it.

Plan it well

All construction projects need strict planning. Whether it’s a home extension or renovation, plan it properly so the structure functions well. Go and seek the help of an experienced local draftsman, who can provide you with detailed plans. Hire somebody who will work with your requirement and budget. Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Work with a Brisbane Draftsman



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