How to build a home with a Hamptons style exterior

Make it obvious! Let other people notice your Hamptons home's awesome facade!
The laid-back look and elegance of Hamptons home never goes out of style. Here’s how to build a Hamptons style exterior. Editorial credit: Nils Versemann / Shutterstock.com

The Hamptons look is perfect for our nation's homeowners. It's comfortable, beachy, and laid-back — all we ever wanted in a home! But, if you want to give your property a total Hamptons makeover, don’t focus on the interior styling. Give your home exteriors some love too! No worries, the Hamptons look is beautiful outside as it is inside. A Hamptons style exterior is versatile, it fits in both urban and seaside rural areas.

Eager to do a Hamptons makeover? Incorporate these design elements in your home' facade:

Mind the location

A Hamptons home blends with its surrounding landscape. We recommend painting your home with darker shades if you're building in an urban area. Homes with darker colours are more appealing from the city's streetscape.

On the other hand, a coastal-inspired home in the suburbs looks best when painted with softer shades of white and blue. Incorporate weathered design elements and keep the intricate details too.

Use weatherboards

Hamptons home exteriors are never complete without weatherboards. It’s the main feature of the exterior design. It invokes the summer vibe and coastal charm that we all love.

We highly recommend Sycon's Linea weatherboard for this exterior design project. The material is durable and low-maintenance. Above all, it provides the clean horizontal lines that we look for in a Hamptons home. If your home is quite small, use the 150mm variant. If your home is huge, use the 180mm. You may apply it over brick or render. You may paint it with any colour you prefer.

Derive colours from the sea and nature

Hamptons homes are all about the seaside feel. So, choose coastal colours. Think of the blue shades of the ocean. Pair it with creamy whites and cool grays. Nature is your muse here. Use her colours.

Here, you see the classic combination of pale-grey cladding with white paint. It looks bright, breezy and very much alive. We like the addition of black lines. It looks modern and updated, which is nice.

Go wild with the details

Embellish your facade with beautiful balustrades, decorative window trims, plantation shutters, and pillars. Construct these stunning features using wood, composites, or treated aluminium. Here, the designers used wood and painted them with white paint that contrasts the duck egg blue house.

Use ornate outdoor lighting

Decorative light fixtures add visual interest to your Hamptons style exterior. Imagine the beautiful glow coming from vintage wall sconces and outdoor lanterns.

We highly recommend using light fixtures made of brushed steel, brass, or wrought iron. Go for matt finishes. Avoid shiny and reflective ones, they don't match with this look. The light fixtures must have clear and frosted glass on them. Opt for ones that emit soft and warm light. Do not use harsh and bright lighting.

It is also important to plan your outdoor lighting. Use light to accentuate the best points of your house and your garden. Use it to create a warm, welcoming feel at night.

Grow gorgeous plants

Complete the look with colourful flowers and rich green foliage. Grow Australian natives plus a couple of blooms like wisteria, magnolias, orchids, and star jasmine. Consider taking care of small fruit trees and vines as well.

Grow your in garden beds, small retaining walls, or traditional white planters. Make sure your plants accentuate your entire home.

Maximise daylighting and natural ventilation

The architecture of a Hamptons home is all about capturing nature's warming daylight, cooling breeze, and awesome views. The position and size of your home's openings are important, so carefully place your windows and doors. You will need the help of an expert architect or building designer here. Get them on board to make sure that your home's design is on point from the beginning.

Are you ready to build a Hamptons style home?

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