How to build custom-designed carports in Australia

Carports are one of the most commonly built small construction projects in Australia. Here’s how you design and build one.
How to Build Custom-Designed Carports in Australia

Apart from garages, a lot of homeowners consider building custom-designed carports in their properties too. We receive a lot of inquiries about it, so in this blog, we’ll answer each one to the best of our abilities.

Our take on custom-designed carports

Designing and building a carport is a simple construction project, but it’s not always DIY-friendly. In most cases, you need a professional to:

  1. Conduct required preliminary checks
  2. Ensure the safety and feasibility of the project
  3. Produce designs that adhere to the building codes
  4. Guarantee council approval, and
  5. Secure permits to build

A skilled designer can help you with all of these and ensure you have a fully functional carport. It is highly-recommended to book an on-site consultation with them, so they get more valuable information about your project. You want your designer to see the site and have a chat about your needs, wants, and budget.

carport safety and maintenance

Conducting preliminary checks

Before any construction work commences, you need to do a few things to check your property, produce the design, review the rules and regulations, and get council and development approval.

1. Check your property

It is crucial to know the boundaries and all the pre-existing structures in your property before planning a carport. You need to know how much space you have, and whether you need to demolish a part of the house to make way for your new carport.

The trees, plants, rocks, and boulders in your property should be taken into consideration as well. You might have to move or remove them to make room for the new carport.

One of the most important steps that you will need prior to the start of construction is obtaining a land survey from a certified land surveyor. Superdraft can help you organise this before the planning and design phase. Our goal is to give you a seamless design and build experience. Click here to get a free quote.

2. Design and engineering

Once the land surveying report is completed, your designer can work on the working plans and drawings.

You will also need engineering detail plans to ensure your proposed carport design is structurally sound and engineer-approved.

Designing a carport is easy. Engineering it to ensure it can withstand the elements and last for decades is the critical part. Do this part right and you will surely get council and building approval.

3. Council approval

A carport is still a structure, and you don’t want to build this in the illegal way. There are cases when the council asked the homeowner to pay a fine and tear down their carports because it did not adhere to the local council requirements and the building codes.

We don’t want this to happen to our clients, so we make sure that all of our designs comply with the building codes and council regulations.

Please note that rules and regulations vary per region and changes from time to time, so it’s important to work with a local designer who is always updated.

All our designers always assess if the design you want complies with the local council regulations and codes.

If yes, we will tell you that everything will be fine and that we will guarantee council approval (If we are wrong, we will make changes for free).

If we foresee problems, we will notify you and pinpoint which designs will not meet council requirements and provide alternative design solutions.

4. Building approval

Your building certifier will typically require the architectural plans, engineering drawings and land survey report in order to issue you with a building permit.

The best practice is to work with a designer who helps you get all these documents, and assists you in submitting your plans to the building certifier.

Superdraft’s goal is to make the building process easier and less of a hassle for all our clients. We can help you obtain both council and building approval, saving you time and energy.

5. Getting quotes from builders

Service shouldn’t stop at the end of the design and drafting stage. A good designer should assist by getting you building quotes, and more importantly, support by helping you understand the differences between them.

Superdraft has worked with hundreds of quality builders across Australia. We can help you pick the most reliable and best one to work with.

6. Construction

Building a custom-designed carport is easy as long as you work with expert professionals who guide you throughout the entire process and listen to your every need.

Interested in custom-designed carports that are within your budget?

Save time and money when you hire Superdraft to design and build your carport. We are here to help you from start to finish. Contact us and tell us about your project to get a free quote.

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