How to Choose the Right Paving Pattern for Your Alfresco Area

Let’s talk about the different paving patterns that you can follow and which layout works best where.
How to Choose the Right Paving Pattern for Your Alfresco Area

We love spending time in our outdoor spaces. It's where we entertain guests when we host barbecue parties and holiday dinners. With a few weeks before summer, now is the time to spruce up your alfresco. Now is the time to lay pavers, a solid foundation for your seating and dining area. Pavers come in different shapes, colours, and sizes. You lay them in a variety of patterns and each one gives your space a unique appearance. In this practical series, we will talk about the best layouts today and teach you how to choose the best paving pattern for you.

Most popular paving looks right now

Before sprucing up your outdoor area, familiarise yourself with the trendiest paving patterns, colours, and textures.

Here are the most popular colours for Aussie homeowners:

  1. Light grey
  2. Charcoal grey (lighter than black)
  3. Black
  4. Warm shades of brown
  5. Mix and match colours
  6. Concrete pavers with exposed aggregates that twinkle under the sun

Mixing and matching colours create a bold and eye-catching outdoor space flooring. When choosing the colours of your pavers, consider the look of your roof, gutters, bricks, and render. Stick to one colour palette to avoid compromising your home’s kerb appeal.

Also, go for textured pavers. These make your outdoor area safe, and these are good at hiding stains.

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Stretcher bond

This paving pattern is easy to lay on the ground. DIY-friendly if your outdoor space is small, square, and rectangular. It requires minimal cutting and leaves fewer waste materials. It’s a classic, therefore it works on traditional and contemporary spaces.

Stack bond

This chic pattern is a great choice for small patios and courtyards. It makes any outdoor area look modern, clean, and finished. Lay large-format pavers in this pattern and your outdoor space will look and feel bigger.

This is also an easy DIY project. But, be mindful and lay each paver carefully so edges and corners align. If you don’t lay them in a straight line, you will end up with uneven surfaces and disfigured pavers.


When you want to make your flooring a feature element, choose the herringbone format. The layout is eye-catching and indicates movement. However, it’s not a DIY-friendly project since you need to lay the pavers consistently on a 45° or 90° angle for the pattern to work.


This attractive pattern features pavers laid horizontally and vertically. It’s a great pattern to do when you want your outdoor space or driveway to stand out in your neighbourhood.

Mixed stone

In mixed-stone layouts, you combine pavers of different shapes, sizes, and colours. You create a unique pattern using the pavers you have.

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How to lay your chosen paving pattern properly

  • Always level the ground before you lay your pavers. Take your time; it’s the most important part of the job.
  • Run a header course around the paved section to minimise cutting and waste.
  • Leave at least three-millimetres (3 mm) of space between the pavers.
  • Use a brick saw or masonry saw when you need to cut a paver. This device ensures a clean cut. Some hardware stores rent this out to their customers. (If you hire paving professionals, you wouldn’t need to worry about cutting the pavers yourself.)
  • Wear the necessary safety gear when operating a brick or masonry saw. Use the saw carefully and proceed slowly. If you’re not comfortable with the machine, hire a tradesperson to do the job.
  • Make sure that rainwater won’t pool over the pavers.
  • When you’re done, sweep the surface of the paved area with jointing sand. Let it sit in between the pavers (the 3mm gap). The sand keeps the pavers from chipping and breaking.

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