How to create a yoga practice space at home

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory. If you don't have the time and money to go to a studio, then bring your yoga practice at home.
How to Create a Yoga Practice Space at Home

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.

This is what Yoga teachers always tell their students. If you want to master the art, prepare to exert a tremendous amount of effort to get the poses right. You need to commit to training. If you have no time to go to the gym and attend classes, do it at home.

Where’s the best spot to do Yoga at home?

Finding the best area for your workout involves a few trial and errors, especially if you live in a small home. The living room, bedroom, or your outdoor space is excellent, as long as the area is flat, and you don’t bump into furniture when you do your poses. 

For a better workout, consider doing these budget-friendly upgrades in your home:

Love the sunshine

Your morning workout is better when there’s the right amount of daylight coming in your home. It keeps your mood light and your mind clear 一 both essential when doing Yoga. 

Find a spot that receives ample amount of sunlight in the morning. Consider rearranging your furniture to make way for your workout. 

If natural light can’t enter your home due to the lack of windows, consider installing one. Expert’s advice: Installing a new window where there wasn’t one is a significant renovation project. You need the help of a professional if you don’t have excellent carpentry skills. Each window must be framed, installed, and sealed. Use window treatments like cotton drapes, sheer curtains, or sunshades to control daylighting and to avoid glare.

Have proper indoor lighting

Make your workouts easier at night when you install adequate lighting in your home. Learn our best techniques to achieve the best living room lighting here. Expert’s advice: Install dimmer switches of use lamps with a three-way switch to make the room multi-purpose. Use the relaxing warm light when doing your poses. 

Connect with nature

Planning your window placement is essential. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch the sunrise as you do your poses? Wouldn’t it be great if you have a good view of a park of a natural landscape from your window? 

If you don’t have a scenic window view, try to make a small zen garden outside your house. Grow lush green plants. Install a vertical garden if there’s limited space in the backyard.

Switch to bamboo flooring

Bamboo floors are your best bet for your Yoga space. It is durable, flexible, and soft to touch. It won’t hurt your foot, head, hand, stomach (depending on the pose). You won’t find it hard to hold and balance your poses. It also withstands moisture and humidity better than hardwood floors. 

Also, bamboo floors add a touch of nature inside your home.

Expert tip: Carpeted floors are also ideal for it cushions the body and protects you against falls. If you don’t have a carpet, use a thick area rug instead.  

Use muted colours

Choose a calm colour palette for your Yoga room. The most popular colours today are the hues of blue, green, warm white, and beige. These colours recede rather than demand attention from your eyes. 

When buying paint, choose the one with a non-toxic label or the one with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. This is to improve the air quality in your home. 

Keep a normal indoor temperature

Your exercise area should be adequately ventilated. Keep it warm during winter and cool during summer.  Check out these hacks that help you feel comfortable in your home all year round.

If you're a fan of Hot Yoga, turn on the heater near your workout area.

Engage your senses

Use soft and comfy cushions or a rug that you can feel on your toes. You may utilize scented candles, incense, or humidifiers or diffusers to enhance your workout and meditation. 

Display art

When decorating your yoga room, remember that less is more. Display a few pieces of art, preferably something that reminds you of your goals and intentions. Accessorise with a purpose. Above all, control your clutter. Expert tip: Feel free to redecorate your house. Score deals from the local flea market, thrift shop, or nearby yard sales. Buy useful items which suit your home decor.

Hang mirrors

A mirror serves a lot of purposes. It helps you focus on perfecting your poses. At the same time, it visually doubles the size of a room.

Here's a corridor with built-in hidden storage. Mirror doors are not only for checking your outfit but for checking your poses too.

Keep it quiet and clean

Clear yourself from any distraction at home. Do your Yoga on the most tranquil place in the house. Avoid noise and distractions. Remove all eyesores and concentrate on creating an area solely for your workout.

Take it outdoors

If it's possible, do Yoga and meditate in your garden. Surround yourself with plants and connect with nature around you. Find your centre, relax, and enjoy the moment. Expert tip: Paving your outdoor space is a great way to flatten the ground for Yoga. Check out your best options here. If you have an existing deck, check it's current condition. Read this blog if your deck needs an upgrade. If you need help in designing your home with a Yoga/meditation area, contact us.

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