How to create an inspiring home office space

Make room for productivity and creativity in your home. Build an inspiring home office space.
How to Create an Inspiring Home Office Space

If you are one of the people who can work from home, you need an inspiring home office space. You need a dedicated space where you can be creative and productive. But, despite the benefits of having one, building a home office isn’t a priority for most homeowners. Either they don’t have the extra square footage for it (or can’t find it).

The good news is, you can squeeze a home office in all homes. With proper design, you can make a small corner or a room into a productive office that’s all yours.

Name the room’s purpose

Before anything else, you need to identify the things that you will accomplish in your office. Does your job require a simple desk-chair set-up? Or do you need a full-blown studio?

Identifying the purpose of the office will help you put together design elements that make the office functional. Your home office must address your needs. If it doesn’t, working at home won’t be as joyful as you hoped for.

Find the spot and keep it well-lit

Natural light is very important for a person who’s working. According to research, an office space flooded with daylight is good for you. It makes you happy, boosts your productivity, makes you creative, and improves your overall performance at work.

It also relieves eyestrain, migraine, headaches, and drowsiness.

In addition, a home office flooded with natural lighting won't need artificial light in the morning, which cuts your electric bills.

DIY or go furniture shopping

If you don’t have furniture for your office, it’s time to go shopping.

The perfect furniture pieces are not always pricey and made by world-renown designers. Sometimes, the one you need is being sold in IKEA, a local antique market, or a yard sale nearby.

When choosing furniture pieces for your office, opt for ergonomic pieces. You will use them for a few hours straight. You would want a chair that’s comfortable — complete with a lumbar pillow and cushion seats. The desk and chair together must offer plenty of leg room as well.

Tip: There are people who hire master carpenters to help them build custom furniture pieces. Consider this option when your office is also a studio, and you need clever furniture pieces.

Think of ways to organise your stuff

Storage is important in your office. You need to keep all your stuff, computers, paperwork, and wires organised at all times. Think of magazine holders, trays, folders, boxes, shelves, cork squares, wall pouches, filing cabinets, or baskets.

Surrounded yourself with things that inspire you

The last thing to do is to decorate your home office. Add your personality and style. Reflect on the things that inspire you and motivate you. Use your favourite colours. Display your collection of books. Print posters of your favourite quotes on the wall. Create mood boards and pin all inspirational stuff you find there. Put rugs under your feet to make the office more comfortable. Of course, make room for your personal mementoes and souvenirs.

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