How to create Hamptons style gardens

Because of its timeless looks, Hamptons style gardens are the trends you wouldn’t regret following.
How to Create Hamptons Style Gardens

Many homeowners are in love with Hamptons style gardens because of its sophisticated, coastal-inspired look. It’s clean and well thought out, perfect for homeowners who want that manicured look. Best of all, you can do it regardless of the size of your outdoor space.

You can get the same heavenly look even if you have a small garden. The key is to choose the elements of Hamptons style gardens that will work in the space that you have. 

Important elements of Hamptons style gardens

  • The design needs to be symmetrical
  • Clean, uncluttered style
  • Lush greenery with colourful flowers such as gardenias, hydrangeas, and orchids
  • Well-kept hedges of Buxus balls
  • Fresh, green turf
  • Paved floors on selected areas
  • A colour palette inspired by the sea. Think of cool greys, whites, and blues 
  • Soft furnishings

Let’s say three-meter-high hedging isn’t possible in your yard. You can introduce that same sense of formality with Buxus balls. Buxus balls don’t need to be huge. 

Ideal plant arrangements in Hamptons gardens

Ideally, you want to plant on garden beds made from small, natural, light-coloured retaining blocks. But if you don’t have space, create an ordered arrangement of potted plants instead. 

Check out this garden by our Brisbane designers:

Outdoor paving for Hamptons gardens

Hamptons gardens are usually high-maintenance, which is why you need to incorporate paved areas in the garden. 

We made a shortlist of the ideal outdoor flooring materials before, and we know those building materials will look great in Hamptons style gardens. Also, check out our tips for busy homeowners who want a low maintenance garden.

Furniture pieces for Hamptons style gardens

Hamptons style gardens are made for entertaining house guests. 

Include a dining area or a comfy couch where you and your family or friends can sit down and relax. Complete the look with Hamptons style throw pillows and tactile fabrics. Keep this area casual, calm, yet sophisticated. 

Keep your outdoor space well-lit too. This way, you can use the outdoor area for night-time entertaining. 

Maintaining your garden

As mentioned earlier, this look requires the owner’s tender love and care. You need to ensure your garden receives regular maintenance to retain its neat aesthetics. In this type of garden, the most high-maintenance features are the lawn, hedging, and Buxus balls.  

Are you a fan of Hamptons style gardens?

The best gardens are well-planned and well-thought with the help of a designer and a landscape artist. Here in Superdraft, we can help you organise the perfect team to help you design and build your dream outdoor space. 

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