How to Design a Farmhouse Style Room

The farmhouse style is warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of charm and character. Here’s how you ​design your ​home in the farmhouse style.

The farmhouse style is known for its practical simplicity and for having the balance between modern flairs and rustic charms. People choose it because it is warm, cozy, clean, and relaxing. If you are the type of person who wants to live a home that takes you back to simpler times, the farmhouse style is right for you.

Continue reading to know more about the key elements of this style — from furniture, colour palettes, and accessories. 

The farmhouse style in Australia

All countries have a specific farmhouse decorating style. In Australia, it’s about having a vintage vibe with a touch of modern comforts. It is flexible — it can look more rustic or more modern depending on the homeowner’s preferences. So, assess how modern is your interpretation of the farmhouse style and make sure that it shares these characteristics:

  • Practical – At its core, the farmhouse style is designed to be functional and down-to-earth. It makes use of durable, hardworking furniture pieces and natural textiles that stand up to frequent use. 
  • SimpleThe furniture and accessories inside a farmhouse home share a clean, pared-back aesthetic. (e.g. shaker peg rails, ladder-back chairs, whitewashed walls)
  • ImperfectThere is beauty in imperfection. Sometimes, the rustic features of a home make it look more appealing. (e.g. worn floorboards, weathered metal, antiques)

When designing a room farmhouse style, remember the following tips:

  • Your home needs to be in tune with nature. We highly recommend using natural building materials. 
  • Avoid fussy, over-the-top decorations like ruffles, fringes, and pompoms. Fabrics with hemstitching would be great. 
  • While antiques are expensive and not everyone can afford those. Spice up your home with vintage pieces. Not everything should be shiny and new tho. 
  • For a rustic feel, avoid matching and coordinated items. Furniture pieces should not look like it could have all been bought from the same store. 
  • Lastly, keep your interiors spacious. Breathing space is important in farmhouse decorating. Don't overcrowd the rooms with furniture and decorations.functional objects tend to do double duty as decorative accents.

Key elements of farmhouse styling

If you’re going to design a room farmhouse style, take note of these important design elements.

Timber panelling

Tongue-and-groove, beadboard, or barn board panelling are great in farmhouse style interiors. These bring a nostalgic country vibe in the room. You can use them on the floors, walls, furniture, custom shelving and more.

OPTIONAL: sliding barn doors

To make a statement indoors, install barn doors instead of regular doors. Barn doors give your home a rustic appeal.

Natural colours and textures

Stick to simple, neutral colour palettes. Natural materials and textures also belong in a farmhouse-style home. We highly recommend using timber furniture, natural-fibre rugs, and textured linen.

For best results, ask your designer to create an ideal colour and material palette for your project. 

Vintage furniture pieces

The most noticeable feature of a farmhouse home is the furniture. We highly recommend using vintage pieces, but don’t fill your home with them. 

Choose minimally embellished pieces. In the featured kitchen (see photos above and below), the designers used Windsor chairs in the dining area and industrial metal stools in the kitchen. Switch things up with upholstered furniture. Opt for pieces with solid, Earthy, neutral colours. 

Think about using rattan chairs or other wicker furniture pieces indoors as well. These give your home a country, rural feel.

DECORATE: Combination of old-world and contemporary designs

Farmhouse style decor puts you at ease. Think of charming and homespun items like quilts, hessian rugs, grain-sack textiles, linen slipcovers, and woven baskets. Opt for antique or any piece with a nod to history. Handcrafts, artwork, enamelware, and ironware work too.

Patterns are not prominent in farmhouse style homes. When they do appear, they lean towards the classic like checkered, stripes, or florals.

Exposed wood beams are architectural details that do wonders in a farmhouse look. You’re lucky if your home has them. If you don't, consider installing some.

For a more rustic look, have decorations with weathered finishes. One good example is rough wood with peeling paint. In a farmhouse-style home, you don't want things to look too shiny and new.

Creating a farmhouse kitchen

A farmhouse kitchen is easy to love. It feels homey, open, and welcoming — perfect for Australian homes. Since the design is a combination of the old and new, a farmhouse-style kitchen is perfect for couples with conflicting traditional and modern tastes. If you’re going to build a farmhouse-style kitchen, take note of these design elements: 

  • The classic apron-front sink is a staple in farmhouse kitchens. Pair it with a bridge or a gooseneck faucet. 
  • Install simple cabinet pulls, knobs, or latches. 
  • Painted shaker style timber kitchen cabinets bring warmth in the kitchen. 
  • Use butcher block countertops to add a rustic touch to the kitchen.

Creating a farmhouse bathroom

A farmhouse-style bathroom isn’t complete with a freestanding bath or claw-foot tub, wall panelling, timber vanity, and classic-style lighting. The overall look is relaxing.

Tell us about your project

Having a solid grasp of your favourite style helps when working on your new home or renovation project. 

So, are you one of the million fans of the farmhouse style? Tell us in the comments section below. Tell us what you like about this look and if you’re planning to embrace this style on your upcoming project. Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Or, ask help from our Sydney-based building designers.



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