How to design an epic gaming room (with sample ideas!)

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gaming room design

Every gamer deserves an awesome gaming room. Whether you’re a casual player or a pro streamer, it’s cool to have a place where you can chill without distractions.

In this blog, we’ll help you learn how to set up your own hardcore gaming room. We’ll also show you some examples of amazing rooms around the world.

Let’s roll!

gaming room with cool lighting concept

Steps to designing the best gaming room

Setting up an awesome gaming room takes more than buying a cool rig. Here are some tips to consider:

Step 1: Consider the available space for your gaming room

Living in a small house or apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a gaming room. Some people opt to transform their basements, while others simply turn their closets into a gamer’s paradise.

Start by drawing a basic floor plan of the room and situating where the desk, chair, and seating will go. You can also opt to mount a TV set if you prefer using one for your Xbox or PlayStation. Some people also add storage in their gaming rooms where they can display figurines or collectibles.

Note that a gaming room doesn’t have to be confined to playing video games. You can also use it as a home theatre by adding comfortable recliner chairs. You can even add a kitchenette and a small powder room to make the space more comfortable and functional.

A building designer can help you maximise the space so that you can comfortably spend gaming all day. Whether you want a private gaming room or a family-friendly space, a skilled and qualified designer can help you make it happen.

Step 2: Try repainting and/or reflooring

Plain white walls can work for a gaming room, but why stop there if you could make your gaming room resemble something from your favourite games? 

Gaming is an ethereal experience, so it helps to have floor and wall designs that seem to transport you to a different world. One idea is adding panelling to the floor and walls to make it seem like you’re inside a spaceship. Another idea is commissioning a local artist to create a mural of characters from your favourite games.

futuristic gaming room with panels

Step 3: Soundproofing your gaming room

Let’s face it: playing video games can get pretty noisy. Unless you want to play Call of Duty or Elden Ring on mute, you have to think about soundproofing.

Your building designer should help you create the perfect soundproof space for your gaming room. They’ll instruct the builders to install soundproof materials on the walls, as well as rubber lining on doors and windows so that you’ll never have to worry about disturbing your neighbours or your family.

soundproofing materials for a gaming room

Step 4: Come up with a lighting concept

Gaming rooms require ambient lighting. That’s because bright or natural lighting may interfere with the visuals and wash out some of the details. If your room has a huge window, add roller blinds or blackout curtains.

Keep the room dark, but add LED strips, lava lamps, string lights, or disco lights. Make sure that there are enough lights to brighten areas where you have to walk. 

Don’t forget to add lighting for your collectibles as well – you’d want them to be fully visible to guests or anyone who might want to check out your display.

LED lights installed on wall

Step 5: Set up your gaming room equipment

Now that you’ve figured out the physical aspects of designing your gaming room, you can move on to the fun part: setting up your gaming rig. 

Here are some of the things you have to consider: 


Your monitor is the door to the gaming world, so it’s good to pick one with a high resolution (4K gaming is what’s trending right now). Some gamers prefer a dual or triple monitor setup, especially for streaming. That way, they can easily read messages from fans while in-game. For optimum comfort, look for monitors with a height-adjustable mount or a full-motion mount.

In lieu of monitors, you can also opt for a projector, especially if you want your gaming room to double as a home theatre.

triple monitor setup


The processor you need will ultimately depend on what kind of games you play. Check the minimum PC requirements for your favourite games, and that should give you a good idea of how powerful you need your processor should be. For example, Fortnite requires 8GB minimum RAM, though 16GB is recommended.

LAN/Wi-Fi Router

It’s ideal to have a LAN cable that connects your computer to the Internet since it provides you with a more stable connection as compared to Wi-Fi. After all, you wouldn’t want your games lagging while you’re in-game. The same goes for your TV, as well. 

Superdraft tip: Inform your building designer about the gaming setup you’re going to build. That way, they can incorporate all the necessary outlets and wiring in their design. This can help you avoid having to deal with tangled and messy wiring later on. Register now to find a building designer near you!

Audio equipment

If you want a truly immersive gaming experience, then it pays to invest in high-quality speakers. It’s also wise to choose speakers that can connect to devices via Bluetooth so that you don’t have to deal with more messy wires.

High-definition TV and TV stand

A TV stand can be useful because it provides extra storage for gaming consoles and CDs. But if your room is too small for a TV stand, you can ask your builder to create a mount for your HD TV instead.

gaming room TV with TV stand

Computer desk

A computer desk should be large enough for all your computer peripherals and should also have drawers for additional storage. It should also be at a comfortable eye level.

Gaming room chair

Your chair is one of the most important parts of your gaming setup. Invest in a high-quality computer chair with ample lumbar support to prevent backaches in the future. It should also have comfortable armrests and should also be waterproof.

new computer chair

Air conditioning

Nobody wants to spend long hours in a hot and humid environment. Invest in an energy-efficient air conditioning unit for your gaming room. An AC will also help regulate the humidity in the area since there will be few or no windows.

Miscellaneous gaming equipment

Don’t stop at consoles or PCS. You can also add old-school arcade games, pinball machines, or even a billiard table. 

Gaming room decorations

Your gaming room is your domain. Feel free to hang posters of your favourite characters or display plenty of collectibles.

game boy console

Gaming room designs

1. Gaming room theatre

This gaming room doubles as a home theatre because of the expansive 4K TV.

gaming room home theatre

2. Awesome LEDs

This gaming room’s LED lights give the entire space a futuristic feel.

gaming room with LED designs

3. Experiment with colours

Try different coloured LED lights for your gaming room to give it a unique personality.

red lighting in video game room

4. Keep it to one corner

Adding a small gaming nook in your bedroom is easy – just add the right furniture, and you’re good to go.

gaming setup in bedroom

5. Turn your living room into “gaming mode”

Keeping your living room bright and airy during the day is fine, but you can also add LED lights to turn it into a gaming room at night.

playing inside the living room

Build an awesome gaming room with Superdraft

Building a gaming room is a fun and clever way to make use of extra space. When set up correctly, you can have a place where you can spend hours and hours playing your favourite games without worrying about anything else.

If you’re looking to build a state-of-the-art gaming room, Superdraft can help. Using your platform, you can:

  • Connect with a knowledgeable building designer or drafting professional who can help you conceptualise the space
  • Visualise your space in 3D
  • Find builders who can bring your dream space to life

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