How to design your backyard cabin

Do you have a backyard cabin that you want to spruce up? Try these design ideas.
backyard cabin

Many homeowners who have extra space in their backyards opt to build a backyard cabin. It is a worthy investment; it can be a guest room, an apartment for rental, your home office, or your private hobby room.

If you are planning to build one of these in your property, here are some useful design tips that will help you make your cabin more comfortable, stylish, and functional:

backyard cabin
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Create an efficient floor plan

Your backyard cabin is not going to be a huge space, so make every inch of it count. Create a floor plan that suits the cabin’s purpose.

If it’s going to be a rental property, make sure that it has all the livable spaces (e.g. living room, dining area, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom)

If it’s going to be a home office or a hobby room, make sure you have room to work.

If it’s going to be a guest bedroom, make sure it is cozy and homely so your friends and family feel welcome whenever they stay with you in your humble abode.

backyard cabin
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Choose a soft colour palette

To make your small backyard cabin look spacious and bigger, use a light and soft colour palette.

Make white the dominant colour of the interior rooms. White rooms are versatile; these look larger and white walls are the ideal backdrop of furniture and decorations.

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If you don’t love the idea of a white room, you can explore using pastels like salmon, light yellow, mint green, baby blue, or even millennial pink. Hues of your favourite colours create a soothing atmosphere and makes any room seem larger.

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Provide plenty of storage

Think of clever storage solutions for your backyard cabin. If you’re planning a structure with high ceilings, take advantage of the extra height and build a floor to ceiling shelf. You can also install floating wall shelves and sleek freestanding shelves.

Install ample lighting

Lighting is a key design element that opens up a small space. It is very important to layer your artificial sources of light to keep the room from being too dark and too bright.

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Of course, allow natural lighting in the room to make the interiors look brighter and more spacious. Install large windows so the cabin gains access to precious sunlight.

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By: Yotko

Arrange your furniture wisely

Your furniture takes up most of the space in your backyard cabin. Arrange the furniture pieces right to keep the rooms from looking cramped. Place the largest piece against the wall to maximise the open space. Create a walkway and make sure there is enough space between each furniture.

It is also highly-recommended to use multi-functional furniture pieces (e.g. sofa beds, chest storage that doubles as a coffee table, etc.). Opt for sleek pieces of furniture, preferably with exposed legs and open arms for these maintain the appearance of an open space.

Build your dream backyard cabin with an expert

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