How to Bring Volume and Life in Your Home Design

In the final article of our “How to Design Your Home” series, you’re going to learn how to add the little details which complete your final home design.
How to Design Your Home

You’re about to read the final article in our How to Design Your Home series. Take a moment and give yourself a pat on the shoulder. For the final hurrah, we’re going to teach you how to add the little details that enhance your final home design. These things tie everything together and complete your home.

After arranging your final floor plan, it’s time to apply finishes and furniture pieces.

These elements are the toppings that make your home design great and functional. These also affect how you feel in your home.

To fully understand this, you have to look at your floor plan in 3D. Designing a home is more than drawing and rearranging squares on paper.

Why turn a 2D sketch into a 3D image

We recommend using floor plan creators. You can try apps like Roomsketcher, Planning Whiz, or Homestyler. You can use these apps to recreate your floor plan and decorate the rooms. Choose from the apps' built-in design elements or customise your own. Find out more about how you can use these apps here.

When you look at your plan in 3D, you will get a better understanding of the space you're about to create. You will realise the true capacity of your space. Being aware of your room's volume will help you decorate it right too.

How to Design Your Home

These floor plan apps can also help you visualise the position of your windows. You can plan your doors and windows strategically so it receives a good light, nice views, and cool breezes. In a previous blog, we recommended that you:

  • Position large windows on the northern part of your house. Northern windows get the most of the winter sun and avoid the harsh noon sun in summer. Use low-e glass or any window that prevents heat absorption.
  • Have fewer windows on the east and western sides of the house to avoid the hot afternoon sun. Make these windows operable for natural ventilation.
  • Skip the south windows unless you have a good view. If you're having a window, consider double glazing it to prevent heat loss. You can make these windows operable too.
  • Consider having wall openings that allow air to flow from one room to another.

When you plan your internal and external holes in 3D, you can see how connected your home is to nature. You can assess how much natural light will illuminate your space in the morning. You can predict your window views too.

This trick can also help you spot and remove any window that will compromise your privacy and security. You don’t want unknown neighbours and passersby to have a glance at your home all the time, right?

Finally, these apps allow you to experiment on your wall spaces. Test the look of it when it’s blank when decorated with a simple wall decor, or with an accent wall.

You plan your space before you build it to ensure that the results are dramatic. But, creating drama doesn’t stop here. You can do a lot more things to bring more wow and pizazz into your home.  

Aesthetics and authenticity

This is the time to inject your personality into your space. Here, your tastes will come into play.

Go back to your collection of design and decor ideas. Recall what you like about these things and how they align with your goals and vision now. If it fits the big picture and your budget, consider it.

Look at those home features that find attractive. You can copy them, but it’s better when you channel your identity as you do. This makes the space more authentic when finished.

  • Make choices that aren’t just cut-and-paste copying.
  • Bring your own identity.
  • Create a home that is authentic and authentically you.

See if you like particular design style too. (e.g. traditional/heritage, modern, contemporary, mid-century modern, coastal-inspired, Scandinavian, or Hamptons etc.). Do you find any similarities between the photos you’ve collected? Is your taste consistent or is it a mixture of two or three different styles? What is it exactly that you love about these styles?

It’s okay if you don’t have a solid style yet. Describe it the best you can. Let the pictures serve as a reference.

If you’re ultimately unsure of your style, try free interior design quizzes online. We can’t tell if these things can reveal your true taste, but it will jumpstart this step.

Also, when you hire a pro, you have someone to scour your Houzz and Pinterest albums and figure out your preferences. They can sew all these ideas and create a space where you feel a sense of belonging.

What great design is about

Great design is not about how stunning your home is. It doesn’t have to look or feel a certain way. It is not about being trendy either. 

Shake off these preconceptions in your head. These things are too subjective.

Great design is about how you feel when you’re at home. It is important that you feel happy and comfortable in this place.

Great design also supports you in living your best life. It is timeless. It must address your needs. 

Final tip

One thing we recommend is to consider the durability of the materials that you will use. Choose resilient building materials, furniture pieces, and finishes. You get the most of your money when you build a home that can last a lifetime (or more).

For self-builders, seek recommendations or help from the experts/professionals in this field if necessary. Your home is a huge investment and you don’t want to make mistakes that are costly to fix in the future.

When getting your home design right feels impossible, Superdraft can be your ally. We can help you build your home from paper to the ground and up. With our designers on board, you can own a place that’s both heaven and a haven for you and your family. It’s where you can feel safe, secure, and at ease.

It will only happen if you allow us to help you transform your home into a better place.

Together, we can design a home that you feel joyful to see when you wake up every morning and before you go to sleep every night. We’ll create the best place to celebrate holidays, birthdays, or even simple quiet quality times with family. We’ll design a place that you and your family will enjoy for the next 10 or 30 years or more to come.   


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