How to give any interior room the best lighting design

A well-thought-out lighting design plus interior decor makes any room in your house feel classy and luxurious.
lighting design 9 Signs It’s Time for a Home Renovation Project

A well-thought-out lighting design plus interior decor makes any room in your house feel classy and luxurious.

These make your bedroom relaxing.

These make your guests feel immediately special and at home whenever they pay a visit.

Do you want to learn how to know how you can pull off a stunning interior lighting design? Here are the things that you should consider:

What room are you designing?

In most modern homes, one room serves multiple purposes. There's a spot for relaxation, a corner for work and study, and an area for cooking and dining.

When planning your lighting design, make sure you use light fixtures that correspond to the setting of the room.

Our advice is simple: never rely on a single source of light to meet all your needs.  Always have three types of lighting in a room ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Each one has a particular function and fulfils your specific needs.

Ambient or general lighting intends to brighten the entire room evenly. It ensures safe and uninterrupted traffic. It helps you view the room entirely.

Your ceiling downlights, chandeliers, wall sconces, track lights, floor lamps, and table lamps provide your indoor rooms with ambient lighting.

Meanwhile, task lighting intends to illuminate the spot where you carry out specific activities such as reading, cooking, eating, and working. It produces a brighter light that's concentrated in a smaller focal point.

Your pendant light above the kitchen island, undercabinet lights, portable desk lamps, LED tape lights, and extrusion lights are the perfect examples of task lighting.

Lastly, accent lights help you highlight a specific point of interest in a room. It could be an architectural feature, an art, a sculpture, a collection, etc. You can also use it to achieve the desired effect and to give an impression of a larger room.

Your track lights, slimline bar lights, undercabinet lighting, LED tape, LED extrusion lights, and some wall-mounted fixtures can be used as accent lighting.

How to achieve the best lighting design in any room

It would be best if you had the right mix of ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to get that wow factor that you want in your rooms.

As a general rule, we start with ambient lighting, then identify the areas that require task and accent lighting. We go from generic to specific.

For example, in this kitchen, you should place the recessed ceiling downlights first before you install the undercabinet lighting and pendant lights above the island.

For a more pleasant illumination, avoid using harsh task lights. When these are too bright, they cast troublesome shadows that the overhead lights can't remove.

It's best to use task and accent lights that are only two to three times brighter than the ambient lights. Install the task lights on the spot where it needed to balance the ambient light and make sure it won't cast a shadow.

Sharing our favourite lighting tricks

  • Ambient light bounces off white or any light-coloured walls and illuminates much more space.
  • Place table lamps on the bedside tables to highlight the bed and balance the overhead lighting.
  • Got no room for side tables? Install low-hanging pendant lights on either side of the bed are perfect alternatives to table lamps.
  • Pendant lighting is an excellent choice of task lighting over a kitchen bench. Place two to three pendants lights here, depending on the size of the kitchen island.
  • Chandeliers can add a real wow factor to a bedroom. Add one if the room is big enough.
  • In living areas, table and floor standing lamps enhance the vibe and atmosphere.
  • Install dimmers. Dimmers are devices connected to a light fixture and used to lower the brightness of the light. Light dimmers save energy by reducing the flow of electricity to the bulb and allowing lights to operate with lower power outputs.

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