10 January 2019

How To Keep Your Loft Apartment Airy, Spacious, But Private

Achieve an airy and open loft apartment that also feels zoned and secure with these smart tips from our designer
How To Keep Your Loft Apartment Airy, Spacious, But Private

Loft-type properties appealing. People fancy the high ceilings which make a loft apartment feel larger. They look for floor-to-ceiling windows which let in the right amount of sunshine every morning. The architecture and building design allow them to create spacious open-plan interiors. And, the sleeping area is elevated — separated from the common areas in a glorious way.

However, not all people stay in love with their loft apartment. Not all designs provide the privacy we need.

For example, some open-plan loft designs allow you to view the living area from the bedroom upstairs. These designs let you read or see spaces from different viewpoints, which makes a property seem more spacious. The problem here? There is no way to conceal your bedroom a.k.a. your private space. Guests access the loft easily. You can’t block the noise from downstairs. Above all, you can always smell the food cooking in the kitchen. (It isn’t that bad unless somebody’s cooking food with unpleasant odours.)

If you want to make your loft apartment more private without losing the features that you love, consider these budget-friendly ideas:

Hang blackout curtains to secure your bedroom

These fabrics work like magic. They don’t take up floor space, block the striking morning sun, and keep your bedroom private. For best results, install a curtain rod on your place. This enables you to close and open the loft in seconds! It’s effortless and affordable too.

Invest in stylish sliding doors

There are lots of sliding door designs available in the market today. Go with something that will add more value to your place — the one which will make your space more appealing. Today, people find wood sliding doors charming. When your place is Asian-inspired, consider using shoji doors or the Japanese screen panels. If you prefer to use glass, go for clear, frosted, or a combination of both.

Add a drywall

We know… it’s hard to put up drywall on a perfect open plan space but this can work. First, check the structure. Is it wise to build drywall up there? Can the structural support carry the weight? Next, look at the finances. Do you have enough money to fund this project? Lastly, how bad do you need privacy? We’ve worked with homeowners who want to create two bedrooms on the loft because it’s too big for one. In that case, building drywall and installing doors are the best solution.

Use panel screen dividers with movable louvre blinds

Simply open the louvres to let the natural light. Your private place will remain secured because you don’t need to draw the panels.

Use slim furniture pieces

Sleek cabinets and shelves are great dividers. Let’s say your home office sits next to the bedroom. A slim furniture piece can separate the two areas and you won’t feel cramped. It’s a simple, easy, and budget-friendly solution.

Try timber louvre strips

Talk to your designer about using wood louvre strips as partitions. These materials can separate your loft visually, hiding your private space from the communal spaces.

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