How to Make a Big Statement Using Oversize Florals

Large-scale floral prints are one of the 2018 design trends that will carry on next year. Here's how to go bold with these blooms.
How to Make a Big Statement Using Oversize Florals

Oversize florals, when used properly, add drama and make a statement in a room. These pretty, feminine blooms pack a punch!

Interested in using large-scale floral prints all over your house? Here are some inspirational design ideas for you: 

Design soft and calming interiors

In this showroom, designers used a floral wallpaper with big and beautiful blooms to enhance the look of this space. They followed a soft colour palette consisting of soft pink, greys, greens, wood, and metals. As a result, they created soft and calming interiors. The oversize florals stood out and made the design look more opulent. READ: 3 Cool & Lovely Interiors that are as Popular as Mid-Century Modern Design

Lay a floral rug

There are other ways to display oversize floral prints. Apart from using wallpapers, consider laying floral area rugs too. This rug from Portess is clean and simple, but it turned out as a bold addition to this living room. The rug design seems old-fashioned, but the furniture pieces and design make the room look up-to-date. Also, this light teal colour of the rug and sofa is a contemporary colour that’s soft to look at.

Product featured: Rose rug from www.portessthefurnishers.co.uk

Design a blooming bathroom

We found this limited edition 3D mosaic tile made of stone from Tile Buys and we think that it’s an awesome addition to your bathroom walls. As you can see, there are small roses embossed on the tile. It’s not an oversize floral, but when used on the walls, these tiles create a statement that you’ll enjoy while bathing or taking a shower.

Tiles shown: Eternal 3D Rose Innovation Marble Water Jet Mosaic Tile from www.tilebuys.com[

Use florals as a bed frame

To make a feature wall in the bedroom, consider laying floral wallpaper above the bed. Let it frame the headboard. Strategically place the biggest flowers in the bottom, near the bed. When you do this, you highlight the bed and the floral wallpaper also becomes a frameless artwork.

PS: We love the idea that the floral wallpaper looks like a painting.

Accentuate with metal

The thing with florals is that it works well with metal accents. Go and pair it with brass, gold, chrome, rose gold, and copper. As the floral wallpaper highlights the wall, the metallics add extra drama to the design.

PS: Recognise the wallpaper? Yes, it’s the same wallpaper used in other featured photos. Here, the designers used it as a background of a cozy corner seating.

Create a cozy corner

A bold floral wallpaper can ground a certain part of an open-plan space, which separates it from the rest of the room. Use a comfy chair to make this sitting corner more special.

Create a sophisticated background

We found this wallpaper which features roses that are larger than life. We think this floral wallpaper design from Murals Wallpaper UK is an opulent addition to a minimalist bedroom or an empty hallway. It is flexible for it comes in a beautiful grey colour. Jazz it up with a few pops of bright colours or keep it simple.  

Wallpaper: Rose Mist Wallpaper Mural of www.muralswallpaper.co.uk[


These oversized florals are a thing of the 80s, meaning the past trends are vogue again. Do not be afraid to work with these big bold blooms for these are easy to work with. Most of these appear feminine, and these work well with luxurious interior styles like Art Deco. READ: How to Use Trendy Tropical Patterns

So, are you tempted to use these captivating floral prints at home? Tell us your thoughts below!


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