How to Naturally Heat Your Shipping Container Home

Strategies that keep your container house cozy when it’s cold outside.
How to Naturally Heat Your Shipping Container Home

You should know that shipping container homes can heat and get cold quickly by now. In our previous blog, we discussed how to sustainably cool your container home. In this one, we’re going to address half of the equation. We’re going to discuss the natural ways to heat your shipping container home during the cold season.

Spread out your curtains in the morning

Don't miss out on the sun's warmth! Open your windows and keep it unblocked if you want to catch the winter sun.

But, close them at night

Again, the temperature drops at night. Close all your windows so you don’t lose the heat you gained throughout the day. Use winter curtains as window treatments. These are insulated curtains which keep warm air inside the house.

Light up the small wooden fireplace

Fireplaces that burn wood as fuel provide adequate heating in the late afternoon. Fire it up when the sun sets. Close all windows and doors to keep the heat from escaping. Your room will get toasty in no time!

Even if the fire went out during your sleep, you won't feel cold because the warm air stays inside.

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Shut the doors

Wood burners can't heat up large areas. If you want to get the most of it, close the doors that lead to other rooms, except for your bedroom door. This way, you heat up your room before you head to bed.

Allowing the heat to spread keeps one area from getting too hot. But, direct the warmth to the rooms you’re using.

Cook inside the house

Take a break from using the outdoor barbecue when it's cold outside. Cook in the kitchen! The heat that you've generated while cooking will warm the kitchen and the adjacent room. 

Install timber floors

Wooden floors don't feel cold — at all! It's perfect for shipping container homes because it gives off a natural warmth. And, it's easy to clean.

To make timber floors more lovely, lay thick rugs on the floor. It looks cozy and feels nice under your feet too.

Decorate for the winter

Exert extra effort in your decor. Use more plush pillows and cozy furs. Try sheepskin and faux furs. Toss them over your couch and the bed to make it comfy.

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Rearrange your furniture

Many homeowners put their sofas right next to a window. It seems to be on the books.

We challenge you to switch things up! Consider moving sofas and dining chairs from any openings. Place these furniture pieces near the heat sources. 

Install double glazed windows

If you're renting, it's discouraging to update to energy-efficient windows. But, if you're building a shipping container home, get double glazed windows. These are more expensive, but these will reduce the heat loss through your windows. It also blocks unwanted outdoor noise.

Seal all leaks

Make sure that you seal the gaps found around the windows and doors. These gaps let air in and out, affecting the indoor temperature. It sucks more money from your wallet! Consider caulking the leaks. You will save time and money when you seal the leaks.

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We hope these tips and tricks will help you heat your shipping container home. Most of them are expensive. But, these investments will make your container home comfortable during the cold season.

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