How to pair dark kitchen cabinets and dark benchtops

In this blog, we’ll teach you how to pair dark kitchen cabinets and dark benchtops to create a sophisticated ​kitchen.

In this blog, we'll show you how to pair dark kitchen cabinets and dark benchtops to create a sophisticated vibe. A double dark design is dramatic. Check it out and see if it can work in your home.

Tip 1: Go all the way

Don’t feel nervous about having too many dark surfaces in your kitchen. This charcoal grey kitchen looks solid and dramatic. We adore the thin black benchtop on the island. The white ceilings help the kitchen island stand out.

Tip 2: Include white in your colour palette

Dark kitchens need a little lightening up. We highly recommend using pale colours to contrast with and show off the deep tones in the kitchen.

In this kitchen, the white walls highlight the black cabinets and benchtops. The white walls and LED undercabinet lighting make the workstation brighter and provide illumination for cooking and preparing food. 

Tip 3: Mix and match materials

For added interest, try using two different types of benchtop materials. In this kitchen, the designers used a black engineered stone benchtop on the island to complement the midnight coloured, custom-made cabinets in the background.

In addition, the designers chose a creative white splashback and benchtop to highlight the dark cabinetry and the kitchen island. 

Tip 4: Simplify for an uncluttered look

In this kitchen, the benchtops look like a part of the cabinets. The glossy black work surface merges into the matte black cabinets. The streamlined design makes this kitchen look uncluttered.

Tip 5: Add drama to the kitchen

Make dark kitchens more dramatic by adding bling to the design. Try a mosaic tile splashback that creates a classic, polished look. It accentuates the kitchen and adds a touch of luxury and style to the room.

The colours of the mosaic tiles that the designers used compliment the dark kitchen cabinets and benchtops.

For a really dramatic look, try using different surface finishes. Here, the bold glossy countertops gleam and add elegance to the kitchen. 

Tip 6: Soften with grey

Using grey is one way to soften dark kitchens. Here, the grey tile splashback kept the kitchen from looking too harsh. The greys added a bright layer in this black and white kitchen. In addition, the texture on the walls and the cabinetry contrast with the flat finish on the walls.

Tip 7: Keep the design cohesive

Dark kitchens look better with a unifying element. It balances the design. Here, the designers used dark engineered stone as splashback and benchtop. By choosing the black cabinets, they created a space that feels solid and harmonious.

Tell us about your ideal kitchen design

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