How to Use Natural Building Supplies to Get that Earthy Flair

Explore the basic ways of using the naturally beautiful stone, soil, timber, steel, concrete, oxide, and textured fabric to bring warmth into your home.
How to Use Natural Building Supplies to Get that Earthy Flair

Australian homeowners love using natural building materials in their new home and renovation projects. Here, we enumerate the most popular materials used to build homes and how to pair them with other natural building materials:

Natural stone tiles

Using natural stone brings effortless elegance and sophistication to your home. It is timeless. It is an investment that you will cherish for decades.

There are so many natural stone tiles that you can purchase from home improvement stores or directly from the manufacturers. Here are some of your best options:


A luxury stone like marble is perfect when you want sophisticated and expensive-looking interiors. 


These tiles come in a wide variety of muted colours and are ideal for creating contemporary spaces. Here's an Earthy, taupe limestone tile used in a contemporary bathroom design. 

History of Limestone Uses | RMS #1 Best Quality Limestone

Credits: RMS Marble


It is a stone that comes in warm, Earthy colours and gives you charming interior design. Here, you see the use of travertine on the floors and the fireplace. 


One of the most in-demand natural building material, homeowners want to have a timber element inside every room of the house. 

Choose durable timber species for your stairs to ensure it withstands high foot-traffic.

Rammed earth

We’re huge fans of the cement-stabilised rammed earth (CSRE). It’s a mixture of low-clay soil, water, and cement compacted in layers between temporary formwork. 

Rammed earth looks great against timber, as seen in this home:

The Dirt on Rammed Earth

Credits: TreeHugger

There is no limit to how many natural building supplies you can use at home. Use them in combination with others, so you can end up with a home design that connects you to Nature. For best results, hire a Superdraft designer today.



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