How Virtual Reality is Shaping Your Home Design Experience

Through virtual reality (VR), architecture firms like Superdraft enable their clients to understand the designs they create.
How Virtual Reality Shapes Your Architectural Experience

'Today's clients don't want to be emailed standard 2D floor plans of their design anymore… they want to be immersed,' says Mark Deacon, a director of a VR-powered building design firm, Superdraft.

When it comes to your dream project, you want to make the right decisions, you want fewer surprises, and above all, you don’t want to end up with a home that looks different to what you expected.

Truth is, floor plans, elevations and typical 3D renders are not the best mediums to understand and visualise a design. They do not give you an idea of how you transition from one room to another, nor give you a sense of size and spatial awareness, and they don’t allow you to interact and compare between different finishes and fixtures.

As a result, providing accurate design feedback can become challenging.

But through virtual reality (VR), building design firms like Superdraft enable their clients to understand the designs they create.

With VR, you can experience your dream home and have 100% confidence in your design and selections before you outlay hundreds of thousands or millions on construction costs,” Deacon said.

Deacon is a director of Superdraft, one of the largest teams of draftspeople, designers, engineers, and builders in the country, offering clients a complete end-to-end solution for any sized residential or commercial project. The company has developed their own innovative VR technology called VIZ360, allowing their clients to walk through their future home and interact with absolutely everything — from floors, walls, furniture, benchtops and cabinets, whilst still in the design phase.

It’s an upgrade from the photo-realistic renders and 3D images that we used in the past as the experience and design clarity it provides our clients is unparalleled,” Deacon said.

Jake Robinson, the Founder of Superdraft explains their own VR technology, VIZ360:

VR is by far the best way for a client to review their design. All they need to do is put on the VR goggles and they can recognise what’s wrong or missing. They give us feedback and then we’re back to the drawing board and optimise the design. It saves our clients time and money on potentially costly design variations during construction in the future,” Deacon explained.

Superdraft provides you with photo-realistic interactive 3D environments to help you fully understand the flow and layout of the space.

Best of all, you can view the design using your own desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, or VR headset.

Because of that, Superdraft can work with you wherever you are in the world.

You can check the design without stepping foot outside of your office or home and without incurring extra costs in the real world.

You could be in New York or Singapore while working with a designer in Sydney. This futuristic technology enables us to simultaneously and seamlessly work on the project,” Deacon said.

Superdraft recently added Interactive 3D Tours to the services they provide.

We want more of our clients to view and experience their project before it’s built.

We want to provide you with a world-class experience and ensure we achieve the perfect design for your dream home.

An interactive virtual tour of your project is only one click away.

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