Sooo… What are your stairs made of?

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Ordinary stairs are out! Today's homeowners want staircases that boast architectural prowess. They want this feature to steal people's attention. They prefer a set of stairs that define their home interiors.

In this blog, we'll show you that even something as mundane as stairs can be an absolute stunner.  

Here are a bunch of inspirational staircase designs for you:

Concrete stairs

Nope. Concrete doesn't always give you industrial-styled interiors. It's also great for contemporary homes.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: D-Max Photography

This raw concrete staircase added interest and sophistication to minimalist interiors. The extensive use of concrete here grounds the home to the ground without being too heavy. You can still see a serene and peaceful area. The design makes the space wider as well.

Floating stairs

If you're into sleek and sexy steps, floating or hanging staircases might suit you.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: Luigi Rosselli Architects

The featured design above is perfect for a person with a minimalist lifestyle. There's a strong contrast between the black steps and the white walls and it tricks your eyes. The glass balustrades provide invisible support allows light between each step. Altogether, these visual schemes make the treads float in mid-air.

Here’s one without a balustrade. Look how the steps defy convention and gravity.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: ECOLE

Here's another hanging staircase design that's different from the first one. As you can see, the flat, horizontal boards curves to create levelled steps. It's fluid and sophisticated.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: Arquitectura en Movimiento

Marble stairs

A marvelous stone like marble isn't limited to the kitchen and bathroom. Dare to lay marble tiles on something more obvious… like your stairs.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: Designer Oliver Burns

What you see is a marble staircase with a rimless glass balustrade. Designers covered the edge of the floating steps with polished stainless steel. The metal's job is to reflect the natural light from the upper floor to the lower area.

Spiral stairs

Spiral staircases are versatile and space-efficient. You can adjust the size to fit your needs.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: Allwood Construction Inc

Here’s one that fits in tight and uncanny spaces. We like how this black metal railings twirl inside a rounded corner. The natural timber treads is a nice way to break the cold, industrial appeal of the railings.

If that looks ordinary, check these out:

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

This spiral staircase has steps with rounded edges. It looks like a blossoming flower from above.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

This one swirls like an old tree in your home. We recommend this staircase design when raw concrete dominates your home interiors.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: DUST®

This steel spiral staircase has laser-cut steps. The holes allow natural light to illuminate the dark steps. From above, it looks like your walking on lace.

Bright steps

Opting for extravagant interiors? Consider lighting up the steps!

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: Weststyle

The easiest way to achieve this look is to install LED strip lights under each step. When open, the glow of the lights will add dramatic impact. This trick will also highlight the beauty of the material used to build your staircase.

Suspended wooden stairs

A variation from floating staircases, suspended stairs allow people to see how it holds up together. It’s open and allows light to travel between levels.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: The Architectural Product Company

Designers of this modern homemade this staircase out of European white oak. They used the same wood for the vertical balustrades that hold the tread together. The repetitive pattern of the balustrades adds height and gives a sense of peace.

Ribbon stairs

Living in a small apartment? Consider ribbon stairs. It’s a space saver because it allows you to have wider treads at a steeper angle. It also becomes a unique focal point in your home.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: Treppen & Bauelemente Schmidt GmbH

Personalised stairs

If you don’t want ordinary staircases, personalise yours.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: Ioanna Lennox Interiors

Painting your steps is one of the easiest ways to get an unconventional staircase design. In this home, designers painted the steps with black and white stripes. It looks like a floor runner.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: Hanne Fuglbjerg

Not a fan of designs that cascade the steps? Try painting the steps and the adjacent wall with one colour. This bright canary paint makes this suspended staircase more interesting.

Steep and eccentric stairs

Small apartments and condominium units will benefit from space-saving, bold, and quirky staircases. Here’s one that adds a lot of character to the space. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it doubles as a bookshelf so its space-efficient.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: nC2 Architecture LLC

Stairs with a smart storage

For years, designers used the space under the stairs to build extra storage or room for the homeowner. That is an under-utilised space that can be put to good use when remodelled properly. Strict planning will ensure that your storage will function and look well.

Sooo… What are Your Stairs Made of?

Source: lawrencearchitecture.com

Take this stairwell for example. It holds several drawers and cupboards with stylish doors. The storage looks pretty solid so designers paired it with sleek wire balustrades. It’s clean and it can store a lot of knick-knacks that you own.

One of the most important factors in designing a staircase is your space. Find a designer who can figure out a good way to insert your stairs in a way that maximises what’s available.

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