12 interior design product inspirations from our favourite Australian brands

Discover some of the coolest home interior design products from our inspiration gallery partners.
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Architects, Building designers and Interior designers all have a secret: they often have their favourite brands and go-to pieces which they use in their projects. These could be exquisite materials, luxurious finishes, attention-grabbing accessories, or show stopping items of furniture.

Design professionals partner with these brands as they know they can rely on their quality of products and service. This  ensures the successful outcomes of each project and a very happy client. Here, we are excited to share with you a few designer's best kept secrets! From furniture, rugs, tiles, lighting, tapware, flooring, stone, bricks and more.

We have curated a selection of the top products from reputable and trusted brands who we now feature in our inspiration gallery! This list will inspire you to start shopping, or at least save images to your Dreamboard!

Furniture & furnishings suppliers

James Lane

James Lane is a family-owned Australian business and they understand every family’s search for high-quality and stylish yet affordable furniture pieces. Their contemporary furniture pieces help us create beautiful interiors that homeowners love.


Handkrafted is the home of local craftspeople who take pride in producing bespoke and sustainable pieces. This is the place to go if you want custom furniture pieces that are unique to yours.

Mocka Furniture

Mocka offers well designed, super functional, and stylish home and living products at exceptional prices. Their pieces have a casual chic, easy breezy aesthetic that will fit well into any home. 

Halcyon Lake

Halcyon Lake is one of the most respected brands in the rug making industry. They are always coming up with beautiful collections that make us appreciate the artists and artisans of this industry.

Fixtures, fittings, & lighting suppliers

Beacon lighting

Beacon Lighting is where we find stunning energy-efficient light fixtures and ceiling fans that make a lasting impression.


Meir is a highly reputable brand in designing and manufacturing premium bathroom and kitchen products from tapware, sinks, showers, and much more.

Their stunning metallic finishes options such as Tiger Bronze, Brushed Nickel and Champagne are worthy of celebrating!

Materials & finishes suppliers

Tiento tiles

Tiento Tiles is our go-to place for porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles. They offer both timeless and trendy styles. Best part? Their team helps designers and builders source unique tile designs that help achieve a certain look to suit every type of project. 


Polytec is the go-to shop for  laminates and decorative boards for a vast array of joinery applications. They are the trusted choice for many homeowners, architects, designers, and cabinet makers.  

Project Floors & Design

Project Floors and Design works with designers, builders, architects and project managers when it comes to the supply and installation of timber flooring, decking, tiles, hybrid, vinyl planking, vinyl sheet, laminate flooring,  carpet blinds and shutters. 


Brickworks is the home of the most iconic brands of building materials. Austral Bricks, Austral Masonry, Bristile Roofing, GB Masonry, UrbanStone, and Capital Battens are just some of their iconic, top quality brands.

Resene paints

Resene is a trusted brand when it comes to paint colours and wood stains. They have thousands of colours available in their system, and they also give you an option to order a low or zero-VOC version of the paint colour you’ve chosen.


Caesarstone is a leading manufacturer of premium quality quartz surfaces. The brand offers extensive designs and the product ranges are continually evolving and developing to meet the latest global trends and the highest level of international quality standards.

Working with building designers or interior designers during your project is one of the wisest decisions that you can make. They are the professionals who can create beautiful homes and make sure that everything fits perfectly. Hiring a designer should be a part of your plan at the very beginning of a project.

Our project planning platform gives you access to the country’s most coveted building designers and interior designers. You can schedule a consultation with them and get quotes via our platform. 

Our platform allows you to work closely with them as well. Communicate with them via the app and save design inspiration from our gallery to a dream board. Your chosen building designer and interior designer has access to your mood board 24/7.

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