Differentiating interior designers, interior decorators, and interior stylists

Which one do you need?
interior designer

The terms Interior Designer, Interior Decorator, and Interior Stylist are job titles that are often used interchangeably because a lot of people think that their jobs are synonymous to each other. 

The truth is, these three professionals are quite different.. Each one has a specific job description and function in the design process. We have previously defined them in this list of interior design terminologies. 

Here, we’re going to dive deeper on what these design professionals can do for you. Hopefully this can help you identify the right professional for your project. 

interior designer

Interior designers

Well designed and detailed interiors that complement the architecture of your home completes a project. That being said, it is not uncommon for architects and building designers to work with interior designers in a project.

While architects or building designers work on the structure as a whole, interior designers focus on how the interior spaces are laid out, allocated, and used. Their role is to plan and create aesthetically pleasing interior spaces that are also ergonomic, safe, functional, comfortable, and fit for their purpose. They are also knowledgeable in the areas of:

Education and relevant training: An interior designer must hold a bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma in interior design.

interior designer

Interior architects vs Interior designers

Similar to interior designers, interior architects also focus on aesthetics and function of a building’s interior. There are many overlaps between the jobs of these two, but interior architects can take on bigger tasks and more technical work. They are best for projects that require heavy structural design inputs.

The work of interior architects is multi-faceted. They apply both creative and technical solutions to achieve the desired results. You can count on them when it comes to:

Education and relevant training: Most interior architects hold a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture. Several licensed and registered architects who have decided to specialise in Interior Architecture also call themselves Interior Architects.

interior home designer

Interior decorators

Interior decorators are often hired to improve a home’s existing spaces. They ‘dress’ rooms using paint, floor coverings, furniture pieces, and fabrics for aesthetic purposes. They know how to work with design elements such as space, line, forms, light, colour, texture, and pattern to create rooms that you’ll adore. Most of the interior decorators we know follow a set of rules based on several interior design principles. 

In addition, interior decorators are best involved in home improvement projects that don't involve any structural changes.

Education and relevant training: Many interior decorators hold a diploma or certificate after completing a course on interior decoration. There are no formal qualifications required for them, but many opt to have one to build credentials and increase their level of experience.

interior home designer

Interior stylists

As the name suggests, interior stylists are specialists when it comes to ‘styling’ spaces. Their work focuses on the selection of furniture pieces and decor items that can be used to beautify existing rooms without moving or demolishing any wall. 

Interior stylists work with a variety of clients. Most of them work as an editorial stylist in media production houses, magazines, television shows, and online media companies. Some of them help real estate agents and realtors with home staging. Others get hired by brands and products to help them with their in-house styling needs. A growing number of them offer their styling services to homeowners too! They are perfect in case you need to touch-up the looks of your home interiors.

Education and relevant training: A formal qualification is not required for interior stylists, but many take short courses to get a headstart on this career. Some have studied Visual Merchandising or may have other design relevant qualifications.

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Why is it important to get interior design services?

Interior design is the facet of building a home that will directly affect your daily lives. It is crucial to get the aesthetic, atmosphere, ergonomics, and functionality right. 

Superdraft can connect you to qualified interior designers within our platform who can offer you a full interior design service. This will ensure your home has the look and feel that you want without the worry or stress of having to find  someone who is not only talented and knowledgeable, but also holds the right qualifications and understands your needs. 

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